BlueBeam 20.2.60 for Mac Catalina Full Free Download New Version

BlueBeam 20.2.60 for Mac Catalina Full Free Download New Version

BlueBeam 20.2.60 for Mac Catalina Download & Installation 2022

BlueBeam 20.2.60 for Mac is (in my slightly biased opinion) the best PDF mark-up, creation, collaboration, and editing tool there is.  There are so many functions within Revu which make it invaluable people working with PDF’s who need to not only measure & mark up but extract useful data too.  Although Revu is now only available for the Windows PC, we receive requests every week from Mac users wanting access to this powerful tool.  So here’s a light-weight (not too technical) how-to guide to having Revu running on your Mac alongside your other favourite mac apps.

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How to Edit PDF with Bluebeam Revu for Mac Alternative

Bluebeam Revu for Mac Alternative is a super-brilliant programming that makes things like converting, editing and creating your PDF files extremely simple. The editing, annotating and markup apparatuses are accepted to be truly outstanding in the business, and the sort of customization that the product offers is essentially amazing.

The following guide shows how to edit a PDF file and convert it to other formats with the help of the best Bluebeam Revu for Mac Alternative.

Step 1. Add Your PDF to the Program

Download PDFelement Pro. Once you’ve successfully installed the software, launch the program, and click on the ‘Open File‘ button to import the PDF file that you wish to make changes to.

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Step 2. Edit Your PDF

Editing PDFs is as simple is as basic as altering Microsoft Word reports when you approach Bluebeam Revu for Mac Alternative. It offers a scope of alternatives, such as editing/adding text, data, images, freehand drawings, notes, shapes, strikethroughs, underline and more. The software also boasts of an auto-match feature, which automatically makes your edited text match the original text present in the PDF file.

You can simply click on the ‘Text‘ tab and then double click on anywhere on the PDF file to start editing the texts and images. In addition, you can use the ‘Add Text‘ Tool, which lets you click on any area and make any changes necessary. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about adding/removing watermarks either. Simply click on ‘Tool‘ and the options pop up left in front of you.

Step 3. Annotate PDF as You Want

As discussed above, the markup and annotating options offered by Bluebeam Revu for Mac Alternative is the second to none. To markup the text using things like strikethroughs, highlights or underlines, all you have to do is choose the right option from the toolbar. If you’re looking to annotate the PDF file and add things like freehand drawings, sticky notes, etc., click on the ‘Markup‘ tab and choose the right option.

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Step 4. Convert PDF to Various Formats

Finally, this Bluebeam Revu for Mac alternative doesn’t leave you stranded if you wish to convert your PDF files to another file format. To do so, you need to click on ‘File‘ > ‘Export To‘ and choose the desired file format.

Unfortunately, Mac users don’t have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to getting access to a high-quality PDF editing software since most software only offer a Windows version. However, when you have things like PDFelement Pro for Mac or the Bluebeam Revu to choose from, you really don’t need anything else, do you?

What you’ll need:

  1. Your Mac!
  2. Bluebeam Revu: 30-day trial or, if you already know the product, you can buy online
  3. A license for Windows 10
  4. VMWare Fusion or Parallels
  5. A moderate level of computer ability, or a friendly, helpful local reseller…

Step 1: Make space on your Mac

Mac’s come with a tool called “Bootcamp Assistant”. Bootcamp allows you to split your mac’s hard drive into separate partitions, and use that part of the disk for another operating system – in this case, Windows. Be sure to make enough space available! Windows 10 system requirements say 20GB, plus space to install Revu (and any other Windows apps you may need). I would suggest a minimum of 50GB.  If you plan to install other Windows-only applications, then make sure you have enough free space before starting.  As a guide, most Windows PC’s come with at least 128GB hard disks.

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Step 2: Install either VMware Fusion or Parallels – and Windows 10

Both VMware Fusion and Parallels provide a mechanism to run Windows on your Mac.  There’s plenty of discussions online about which is ‘best’, so the choice is up to you.  You will notice from the screenshots in this post that I use VMware Fusion – and that’s because we already own other virtualisation tools from VMware.  Note that VMware Fusion is a “perpetual” license at about AU$230, whereas Parallels (for business use) is a subscription at about AU$140/year.

Both Fusion and Parallels allow you to install Windows onto the partition created in step 1 above.  So if you’ve made it this far, it’s time to install Windows 10.

Step 3: Install BlueBeam for Mac Revu

You can download the 30-day trial of Revu eXtreme here on our website.  As part of the “onboarding”, we’ll email you some “quick start” guides to follow which should get you up to speed faster than clicking around to see what happens.

Step 4: Unity mode!

You can, of course, run Windows full-screen mode if you want to – but that defeats the purpose of having Revu appear alongside your Mac applications!  Once you have installed Windows 10 and Revu, you will find something called “Unity mode” as part of the VMware tools.  This hides the Windows 10 interface, and present the application (like Revu) just like any other Mac application:

Since you are here on the CADPRO website reading this blog, you may be wondering if you can run Revit, AutoCAD – or any of your other Autodesk tools this way.  Of course!  (Although Autodesk does have a native Mac version of AutoCAD LT and the “full” AutoCAD product.)

It is worth noting that if you have been through steps 1 and 2, then you can boot straight to Windows by holding the “Option” key when you restart your Mac.  Although you don’t get access to any of your Mac applications, you do allow Windows full access to all the hardware resources of your Mac – like the graphics card, RAM, and processor – so you can expect better performance than running everything under the Mac operating system.

Having run the dual operating system myself with VMware as my virtual Windows PC, and using Unity mode for all my Windows apps, I have become spoilt by having the best of both worlds (Mac and PC).

The official Revu for Mac may have been discontinued over two years ago, but long live Revu for the Mac!

BlueBeam for Mac delivers core PDF editing, markup and collaboration capabilities to enhance your paperless workflows. Add comments to your documents with customizable markup and measurement tools and organize high-quality, smart PDFs using Revu’s editing features. Or connect project partners to collaborate on the same documents in real time with Revu’s integrated cloud-based solution, BlueBeam for Mac Studio™. What will you achieve with Revu Mac?


Markup & Measure
Use Revu Mac’s markup and measurement tools, including text, shapes, stamps, length, area, perimeter and more to redline and measure your PDFs. Store common markups in the Tool Chest™ for easy reuse later. Create custom tool sets and export them to project partners to streamline annotations.

Want to know who said what, when? Revu’s customizable Markups list tracks the author, date, time and comments associated with each markup. Measure once and Revu automatically calculates all other related measurements for you and tracks them in the Markups list. When all is said and done, export the Markups list as a PDF or CSV Summary.

Document Editing
Easily edit PDF content by adding, deleting or rotating pages, combining multiple PDFs, or flattening your markups to make them a permanent part of the PDF. Revu Mac can even reduce the size of PDFs to make them more suitable for email and sharing.

Want to share more than just what’s on the document? Create hyperlinks that jump to any page in the document, snapshot view, URL and more. Revu Mac even honors PDF security that restricts access to a file or requires a password for modification.

PDF Navigation
Revu Mac uses tabbed navigation so you can easily switch between tabs, or view them in their own floating window. Revu’s MultiView™ technology allows you to split your screen up to sixteen times and sync tabs to pan and zoom in unison. Looking for more? Display a layout grid over your PDF and toggle snap-to behavior on and off for precise markup placement.

Or enable layers to better organize the content in a PDF; just toggle layers on or off to control the visibility of all content and markups on that layer. Never get lost navigating your PDFs again.

Learn more about the features included in Revu Mac


What features are included with Revu Mac?

Bluebeam Revu Mac delivers core PDF editing, markup and collaboration capabilities to enhance your paperless workflows. Revu Mac does not currently include all the same features found in Bluebeam Revu, but active development to bring parity with Revu is ongoing. Check out our complete Revu Comparison Chart to learn which of your favorite Revu features are currently available in Revu Mac.

Does Revu Mac have Profiles and toolbars for specific workflows or industries?

Revu Mac does not currently offer Profiles. However, Revu Mac does include Edit, Shapes and Text toolbars for quick and convenient access.

Is Revu Mac 64-bit compatible?

Yes, Revu Mac is 64-bit compatible.

Which operating system is Revu Mac compatible with?

Revu Mac is only compatible with these operating systems:

OS X Sierra (10.12)
OS X Yosemite (10.10)

Can I use Revu Mac on my iPad?

Bluebeam’s PDF viewing, markup, editing and collaboration apps, Revu iPad and Vu iPad, are both available on the App Store.

Does Revu Mac work with CAD applications and document management software?

Revu Mac does not currently offer any plugins for CAD applications or document management software.

Is Revu Mac localized in other languages?

Revu Mac is localized in English, German and Swedish.

Is Revu Mac available in Standard, CAD and eXtreme editions?

No, Revu Mac is only available in one edition. Check out our complete Revu Comparison Chart to learn which of your favorite features from Revu Standard, CAD and eXtreme are available in Revu Mac.

Does Revu Mac support PDF Forms?

Revu Mac does not currently support the creation of PDF Forms.

Where can I learn more about Revu Mac?

Check out the complete online Help Guide for Revu Mac on our Support Page, and find all the answers to your questions. For videos about specific workflows and features, visit our Free Training Materials page, which pertains to Revu for Windows but covers many of the features available in Revu Mac.

How much does Revu Mac cost and how can I purchase?

Revu Mac is available for US$149 per license.
Bluebeam does not currently offer any volume discounts for Revu Mac.

Does Bluebeam offer any educational discounts on Revu Mac?

Yes, we do offer educational and student discounts on Revu Mac.

Can I use a trial version of Revu Mac prior to purchase?

Yes. BlueBeam for Mac offers a fully functional 30-day free trial of Revu Mac. Click on the 30 Day trial button on this page.

How is Revu Mac licenced?

Revu Mac is available via Perpetual Licensing: a one-time license purchase that is charged on a per-transaction basis.


What is a minor upgrade?

BlueBeam for Mac releases minor upgrades when small enhancements are made to an existing version of the software. Minor upgrades are free to customers who have purchased that version of the software. For example, customers who have purchased a Revu 2016 license can upgrade to version 2016.5 or any other version 2016.x release for free. Customers can download updates by visiting our Support Page.

My colleagues do not have Revu or Revu Mac. If I send them a file, will they be able to view my markups in another PDF viewer?

Yes. All BlueBeam for Mac products follow the PDF standard, which allows markups made in any variation of Bluebeam Revu to be seen in other PDF viewers. However, the only way to use our unique markup features is by opening the PDF in any variation of Bluebeam Revu. For clients that do not have Bluebeam Revu, Revu Mac or Revu iPad, we encourage users to download a copy of Bluebeam Vu, our free PDF viewer and collaboration tool, for iPad and Windows.

Where can I learn more about document-based collaboration using BlueBeam for Mac Studio?

To learn more about BlueBeam for Mac Studio and our advanced cloud- and server-based collaboration solutions, visit our Bluebeam Studio page.