Call of Duty 4 V1.7.2 for Mac Catalina Full Free Download New Version

Call of Duty 4 V1.7.2 for Mac Catalina Full Free Download New Version

A solid campaign set in World War II!

Call of Duty for Mac is a widely followed action game series, which started as a World War II shooter perspective morphed into an excellent first-person shooter game. Currently, there are numerous video game franchises available in the market. However, only a few, like PUBG and Counter Strike, are as popular as Call of Duty. With several editions of the game, the franchise has focused on varied subjects, from the infamous Vietnam War to intergalactic battles. Regardless of the story, Call of Duty offers engaging gameplay with strong solo campaigns and multiplayer modes.

Several missions, multiple viewpoints, and adaptive shooter mechanics!

Call of Duty for Mac game download was first released in 2003 by Activision Publishing, Inc. At the time, the purpose of COD was to focus on simulating arms warfare and infantry of WW2. Additionally, it used a modified version of the ID Tech 3 engine. When early comparisons were made with Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault, Call of Duty became extremely popular among action gaming fans around the world.

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With multiple viewpoints focusing on the American, Soviet, and British regimes in World War II, the game allows players to take control of an infantry, which needs to use several authentic World War 2 weapons and firearms in aggressive combat to complete missions.

The purpose of COD: an intense cinematic experience

While it’s a video game, Call of Duty for Mac provides you with an intense cinematic experience, depicting the horrific scenes of violence from World War II. The game focuses on showcasing the difficult moments of the gruesome war through the eyes of unsung heroes and soldiers from the alliance of several countries.

The campaign is split across three different militaries, i.e., American, Soviet, and British. In order to complete the game, you’ll have to finish 24 missions. Throughout the game, you’ll have to play through multiple battles, causing chaos and planting the seeds for succeeding titles in the franchise.

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AI-controlled squads and excellent game mechanics

Call of Duty tries to focus on the simulation aspects of an actual battlefield. As such, the gameplay feels different from popular single-player shooters. It won’t be wrong to say that COD introduced a new take on the concept of AI-controlled allies and squads, which support the main player during missions. These squads also react to situations during gameplay.

Since its release, Call of Duty 1 has laid emphasis on squad-based gameplay rather than a single-player approach. Among first-person shooter games, it was the first major title to introduce these changes. Throughout the game, players can move with AI characters, which can help defeat the enemy.

Call of Duty for Mac Loads of weapons for aggressive assaults

Among popular action games, Call of Duty free download for PC was the first one to feature iron sights. For increased accuracy, you can press the corresponding key to aim at the actual targets via the gun’s magnifier. Each player has two primary weapon slots, a grenade slot, and a handgun slot. At once, ten grenades can be carried to cause damage to the enemy.

While these weapons are enough for a deadly assault, players can even exchange supplies and weapons with the ones found on the battlefield. Apart from hand-carry weapons, players can use fixed artillery, such as mounted machine guns.

Simply put, Call of Duty game download features a wide range of authentic American, Russian, German, and British arsenal from WW2. The popular weapon choices include side arms, rifles, grenades, and submachine guns. While a player can carry two large weapons at a time, it’s important to keep a rifle for battlefield engagements and a submachine gun for close-quarter combat.

Call of Duty for Mac Black Ops

While using these weapons, it’s possible to shoot from the hip, aim down the sight, and raise the weapon to eye level, depending on the movement speed and precision required. Moreover, you can use any weapon to club an enemy to death. Instead of letting the clip run out, it’s faster to manually reload the weapons.

When you download Call of Duty, the health point system is clearly reflected on-screen by a health bar. If you want to replenish depleting health, it’s important to look for MedKits, scattered through detailed maps of the battlefield.

In the last two decades, the COD franchise has made leaps and bounds. With almost 20 titles, excluding DLCS and add-ons, the game has covered several wars, battles, and geographies. However, the first installment of the game is still the most loved and fun.

The first version of the Call of Duty franchise paved the way for succeeding titles, such as Call of Duty Modern Warfare, also available as Call of Duty Modern Warfare Dark Edition, and Call of Duty Black Ops, to offer something new to the cluttered World War game genre. While the controls have been improved in subsequent versions, the game has plenty of features complementing an engaging gameplay and adaptive first-person shooter mechanics.

A classic game in the World War genre!

Currently, you can choose from several World War-themed first-person shooter games. With Battlefield 1942 and Medal of Honor: Allied Asault, Call of Duty can be added to the list of popular titles. With a solid campaign mode, whether you play the single-player version or the multi-player outing, you’ll have an amazing time trying to win several battles. The weapons look real and provide you with a strong adrenaline rush to prove your team’s dominance in the world. Without a doubt, Call of Duty download is much better than most action games for Windows.

Call of Duty for Mac comes with well-designed, authentic, and intense single-player missions, and entertaining multiplayer modes. As such, if you’re looking for company while you’re on a mission to rule the world, the game offers plenty of choices. Just download and install COD, and you won’t have to look anywhere else for some dose of action gaming. In fact, Call of Duty mobile download is available on Android, which provides an amazing experience of action gaming on the smaller screen of a smartphone.

Key features of this game to be installed

Excellent Handling

The controls of the game are well defined and are very responsive. The user will hope so not get any issue in playing regarding controls.

Extreme sounds

The amazing sound quality enhances the realistic feel of the gameplay. The user will definitely have the best experience of gaming with the Dolby audio.


New weapons are so well updated that they are like the real ones we use in real life. The updated weapons have a great role in the gameplay.

Virtual effects

Virtual effects are one of the main substances of the game that brings life to the game in today’s era.

Modern updated maps

The updated maps are so good to see that a person can’t differentiate is real or animated. Even the animations are very well that the first time player will also get attracted by this game.

Lag-free gaming experience

As per the customer requirements, this game is built under specific substances that this game probably is supported on almost every device that is flagship, family or student. There will be no lagging unless your internet is giving a good performance.


As we all know about the World wars. This game is successful to run in the battle mode only or in story mode. Both modes are critically different. Reality-based work is liked by the people in today’s world.

Less space

This game consumes less space than that of the heavy realistic games draining your internal memory consuming the GB’s and GB’s of the internal storage of your device. So this is the reason of the lag-free gaming experience.

Communication access

This helps the user to communicate with the teammates and to develop an understanding between the teammates. This will attract a lot of customers that are fond of talking to the random people. They will have access to the millions of the new daily users.

Video graphics

This game is developed under the supervision of professional graphic designers so this lead to the no compromise on the quality of the graphics. Every minor is clear in the video graphics of this gameplay.

General requirements (all platforms)


RAM and ROM size varies from device to device.


Internet connection should be reliable and fast to have smoother online gaming experience.


Your operating system should be not less than 9.0 if it is you may suffer from some issues.


  • Engaging and intense gameplay
  • Adaptive first-person shooter mechanics
  • Strong campaign mode
  • Available in both single and multiplayer modes


  • Controls can be improved
  • Outdated graphics and player models

How to install Call of Duty Mobile on PC?

Well, it’s quite simple to download this game on the pc. The versions of the game named as Call of duty for pc are available, but if you want to download and play the call of duty mobile then you have to download the platform on your pc that runs the android applications and games on the pc. There are two very common platforms available that are:

  • MEMU

How to install using Bluestacks

  • download from your desired website from the search suggestions.
  • When you get a file, click on the download button and let the file of the software to be download on your computer.
  • When you have done this, you have to install the downloaded files on your computer and make sure that you are installing on the right trusted drive irrespective of the windows drive.
  • have downloaded the software, you may are required to open the software and search for your desired game in the search bar.
  • When you will get the search window, download the first search suggestion and install it on your desired location.
  • When you have done this, you just have to open the game and play it with the default controls of the software.

How to install using Memu:

  • you are supposed to download it from the Google.
  • After downloading it you are requested to install the setup files at your selected location.
  • Open the software after installing and search the game with the words call of duty mobile.
  • Prefer the first search and download the game and wait for it to complete.
  • After the game is completely downloaded check the controls of the software that you want them as the same or you want any change in the controls.
  • Open the game and play.

For downloading the Software your pc should meet the minimum requirements that are below:

2GB of RAM and 4GB of the free storage and direct X 9.0 or higher.
Minimum Windows XP SP3 and 2GB of RAM and 2GB of free storage and direct x 9.0 or higher.


This game is also capable of to be played in the multiplayer mode in which you can arrange your team and playing in a team is always beneficial in terms of reality and also in terms of the game. This will help the whole squad to survive on the shoulders of one another. The more they will work united the more they will be successful. The weapons are now even more advanced. The most of the weapons are already unlocked but you want a high response you will have to use the premium or upgraded versions of the weapons.

For that purpose, you will have to buy the weapons or indeed you have to unlock them with the earned points in the game. Irrespective of the playing on land only we are supposed to also play in the air using fighting planes and also the helicopters. This game will reward the user with dozens of prizes every day. This game was firstly introduced in the gaming consoles and later on-demand this game was introduced in the mobile version named as call of duty mobile.

Frequently asked questions

This game is available for any other platforms?

Yes, this game was firstly introduced for the gaming consoles that are play station portable and the XBOX and later on the Pc version of this game was introduced in the market officially and then there is a modern era of Smartphone which demanded the mobile version.

Any new version of this game will be introduced?

Yes, in the future more versions and modes are going to come after the successful business of the CODM.

Does this game have in-app purchases?

Yes, definitely there are in-app purchases that are unlocked when you are able to buy the premium package that unlocks the most advanced feature of this game.

When the first version of this game was launched?

This game is just live on the Google play store and the Apple app store. This is mentioned as coming soon just because this game is under the quality testing of the Google play store as per the Google quality policy. This is the first mobile version that is going to be launched soon this month.

Does this online game support the squad play with friends?

Yes, this game is a multiplayer online game so it also allows the gameplay with your friends. All you have to do is log in with your social media account and then select the friends with you want to play with.

Does this game demands access to our social media and gallery and the communication devices officially?

Yes, the demand’s officially the following requirements to secure your personal data and not to get stolen by the third party applications that are just made to steal the personal information of the user and to blackmail.
This is a part of the Google privacy policy.

This game contains add-ons if we do not purchase any package from the game?

Yes, but add-ons are very low in the quantity they are hardly one or two in a day.

Any age limit of this game?

No, this is not specified for any age or gender so we welcome every user-friendly. We have a large variety of fans that are over-aged but they like to play call of duty as their best game.

Is this truly based on World War 2 completely or partially?

This is the complete package of the reality and fiction so there is no bounding of the reality or the fiction. As the action is invented when reality and fiction is mixed.

Is this game the same as that of the play station or XBOX?

Yes, most of the game is same but as you know that the controls are now virtual and touch so the controls are default in the game until or unless you change as per your need.

Is this game is available for the XBOX or PS?

No, as you can understand from the name that it is call of duty mobile so this is the only mobile versions of this game. But this can be played on the PC using the android or IOS platforms.

Does this game have the help and support option or contact us?

Yes, help and support assistant is installed virtually in this game. In case of any query, you can also contact us directly from the store in the comment section or from inside the game.