Cricut App for Mac Catalina Full Free Download New Version 2022

Cricut App for Mac Catalina Full Free Download New Version 2022

Cricut App for Mac Download 2022

Cricut App for Mac is a companion app that lets you design and wirelessly cut with Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker machines. Create a project from scratch or browse thousands of images, predesigned Make It Now™ projects, and fonts in the Cricut® Image Library. The app is cloud-based and synced across your devices, so you can access your projects and images whenever you’re inspired. Use your built-in camera to visualize your project on a real-life background. Then connect wirelessly to your Cricut Explore or Cricut Maker machine and cut your projects!

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Cricut Design Space is a free companion app for designing and wireless-cutting with Cricut Explore design-and-cut systems. You can create a project from scratch or browse pre-designed projects. This cloud-based app makes your projects and images available on any compatible computer or iOS device.

Cricut-CraftRoom 1.0

The Cricut Craft Room™ was designed to work seamlessly with every Cricut® model we’ve ever built. From the original Cricut Create, the Cricut Imagine™, the Cricut Cake® and even the brand new 5th Anniversary Cricut Expression®, the Cricut Craft Room™ is the perfect addition to the Cricut® family. We believe it will revolutionize the way you Cricut® the same way the Cricut® revolutionized the way you craft.

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Or click on the right hand button to download a small piece of software that you will need in order to have Craft Room work with your Cricut. This will place a desktop icon on your computer. Click on that to launch the site – you still need an internet connection – and this version will also let you cut to your machine. For now, this is for all Cricuts except Imagine. Imagine version is coming soon


  1.  Design and cut DIY projects with Cricut Explore and Cricut Maker cutting machines
  2. Choose from over 50,000 images, fonts, and projects in the Cricut Image Library—or use your own images and fonts for FREE
  3. Upload and clean up your own images
  4. Design and cut without an Internet connection using fonts and images downloaded to your device
  5. Cut quick and easy predesigned Make It Now projects
  6. Make home and party décor, cards, and invitations, scrapbooking, fashion, jewelry, kids’ crafts, and more
  7. Cut a wide variety of materials including paper, vinyl, iron-on, cardstock, poster board, fabric—even thicker materials like leather
  8.  Use the built-in camera on your device to position, and visualize your projects on a real-life background
  9. Sign in with your Cricut ID to access your images and projects and for easy checkout when making purchases on or in Design Space
  10. Bluetooth® wireless capability (wireless Bluetooth adapter may be required, sold separately)

What’s New

  1. Improved compatibility for fonts in iOS 14
  2. Improved cut quality
  3. Bug fixes and performance enhancements

What Is a Cricut Maker?

A Cricut Maker is a smart cutting machine that works in conjunction with printers. To use it, you create designs on your computer and then print them on the machine the same way as you would with a traditional printer. However, Cricut Maker does more than just print the design: it will cut it out of the material you specified, such as paper, craft foam, sticker paper, fabric, vinyl and faux leather.

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With a Cricut Maker, you can do a lot of projects, including the following:

  • Fun letters and shapes for scrapbooking
  • Onesie and shirt design
  • Custom cards
  • Leather bracelets
  • Stencils for painting
  • Party favors
  • Vinyl stickers for automobiles
  • Monogram pillows
  • Christmas decors
  • Designs for tumblers, mugs, and cups
  • Wall decals
  • Wooden signs
  • Decals for appliances

How to Install Cricut Maker

To install Cricut Maker on your Mac, simply follow these steps:

  1. Connect Cricut Maker to a power source and switch it on.
  2. Pair it with your Mac via Bluetooth.
  3. Download and install the Cricut Design Space app for Mac.
  4. After installing, open the app and follow the on-screen instructions provided to create a Cricut ID.
  5. Once you have an account, navigate to the menu section and tap Machine Setup & App Overview.
  6. Choose New Machine Setup.
  7. Complete the setup by following the on-screen prompts.
  8. When you are already prompted to create your first project, that means setup is successful and complete.

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How to Fix Cricut Maker Issues

Design Space, the creators of Cricut Maker, are very much aware that there are existing issues on their product, including slow loading, crashing, and freezing. That is why they are working to constantly update the app and the machine design.

In the meantime, we listed a few possible solutions to resolve the reported problems. Check them out:

1. Fix Your Internet Connection.

The main reason why Cricut Maker machines encounter problems is a slow internet connection. The Cricut Design Space app requires fast and stable upload and download speeds to send and receive information while working on a design. With an inconsistent connection, the app may crash or freeze.

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According to Design Space, the app requires a minimum of 2Mbps upload speed and 3Mbps download speed to run efficiently. So, if your Internet speed is quite not up to par, contact your Internet service provider. They can provide you with a new modem or upgrade your Internet package to meet the required speeds.

2. Check Your Computer Specs.

If it’s not your internet speed, it is possible that the problem is with your Mac’s specs. To run the Cricut Maker Design Space app, there are minimum requirements that should be met. Here they are:

For Windows Computers:

  • Windows 8 or later
  • Intel Core series or AMD processors
  • 4GB RAM
  • 500MB free disk space
  • Bluetooth connection

For Apple Computers:

  • Mac OS X 10.12 or the later versions
  • 83 GHz CPU
  • 4GB RAM
  • 50MB free disk space
  • Bluetooth connection

3. Close Any Unnecessary Background Programs.

Another potential reason why Cricut Design Space is not loading is that there are many programs running in the background. This normally happens when you are watching Netflix, Skyping with your friends, or uploading your recent vlog to YouTube.

Well, props to you for being able to multitask. But if you really want to run Cricut Design Space, you might want to close the apps and tabs you don’t need. You’ll see how doing so will speed things up!

In addition to closing unnecessary apps and programs, you might want to do the following as well:

  • Clear your browser cache and history.
  • Run a quick scan using Outbyte MacRepair to get rid of system junk.
  • Perform a complete malware scan.

4. Update Your Browser and Clear Its Cache.

Your browser could be keeping you from running Cricut Maker Design Space. For the app to work, you have to be running the most recent version of your browser. Whether you are using Firefox, Chrome, or Safari, make sure it is updated.

After updating your browser, try clearing its history, cookies, and cache. Next, close the browser and relaunch it from the desktop. Run the Cricut Maker Design Space app again and see if there are still any issues.

5. Call Cricut Maker’s Support Team.

When all else fails, your last resort is to contact Cricut Maker’s support team. Discuss with them your problem and allow them to give you detailed tips on how to resolve it.

Cricut Design Space Download – What You Need to Know About the New Offline App plus Troubleshooting Tips

This post may contain affiliate links that won’t change your price but will share some commission. It seems many crafters in the Cricut world are panicking because of the new Cricut Design Space download switching to the offline desktop app.

I am here to put your mind at ease. Below are the most FAQs and even some troubleshooting help that can aid you in an easier transition.

If you are feeling overwhelmed or nervous about this change the best thing you can do is educate yourself. Below are a bunch of answers to questions and my Facebook Live video where I show you changes within Design Space!

Why are they changing to offline?

The biggest question about the Design Space change is why? If you are happy with your program why does it have to change? Well, Design Space may be great now online but Cricut wants to ensure it continues to be great for many years! Moving their platform to offline will allow them to enhance user experience in a way that they can’t do when they are tied to content web browser updates and systems that may not support the functions they wish to roll out.

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Design Space will also auto-update for you!

I know some of you are HIGHLY skeptical and many even frustrated right now. I PROMISE you it will all be okay and you will likely be very grateful for this change down the road. Let’s look at some other common questions about the new Cricut Design Space download.

Is the new offline app free?

Yes, absolutely. Cricut App for Mac software has always been free and will continue to remain cost-free.

How do I install the Cricut App for Mac Design Space Download for Desktop?

Good question! If you haven’t already done this you can install the desktop app right . You can easily follow the prompts to have the program installed in a couple of minutes.

Which computer is the Cricut App for Mac Design Space download compatible with?

Cricut App for Mac Design Space work for Windows and Mac computers. It DOES NOT work with Google Chromebook.

Windows Users – Make sure your software is updated to Windows 10 so the new app can be successfully installed and run smoothly.

Mac Users – make sure your software is also up-to-date

What will happen to my app on my iPad, iPhone or Andriod device?

Absolutely nothing! Here’s the funny part that most Cricut users are not aware of. The app for mobile devices is already offline! In other words, they are basically making desktop users match the same software as mobile device users.

What will happen to my Cricut App for Mac Access subscription?

Nothing at all. Your Cricut App for Mac Access AND any image you have purchased will automatically be transferred to the new app. Easy peasy – nothing you have to do.

What happens to my saved projects?

You guessed it..nothing! The saved project will also seamlessly redirect to the new desktop app.

Why is my app running so slow? Why doesn’t the app load at all?

It’s totally understandable that when something isn’t working for you frustration will set in. But the good news is there is help!

If you are someone who is experiencing issues such as the app not opening or running very slow the very first thing you need to do is make sure you have the latest version of software on your Windows or Mac computer. For 99% of people, this is the problem and can be quickly resolved.

However, if you have already updated your software and are still having issues then I recommend uninstalling and re-installing the software after you updated your computer.

You also need to be sure that you have at least a 2G of space free on your hard drive.

What if I did all that?

Inside the new desktop app, they also have a help bubble at the bottom left-hand side. This helps you easily communicate what your issue is by selecting a subject, category and they even allow you to draw on the screen to point of specific problems!

Can I continue to use the online version?

After January 29th, 2020 the online version will automatically redirect you to the new offline desktop app.

How do I share my projects from the new Design Space app?

The same way as always! There is still a share option but the URL will simply open in the desktop app instead of online.

How do I download Image Files for Offline Use?

If you ever want to use images when you are not connected to Wifi then select an image and click download in the far left corner. Once it has been successfully saved for offline use you can load, edit and cut the image without internet access!

My screen is blank when I load the app

According to Cricut, this can be resolved by clearing your cache and relaunching the app.

Design Space is running slow

Cricut App for Mac suggests performing a “force-reload” if this occurs. Do this by selecting View > force-reload.

I can’t see all my projects or images?

In the event that images seem to be missing, close the app and relaunch it after you have checked that the internet connection is working. Until an image is saved for offline use the internet is still required to load images saved from the cloud.

That’s it for now on the new Design Space desktop app! If you have another question feel free to ask below and don’t forget to check out Cricut’s troubleshooting help too!


We know there are still plenty of problems with Cricut App for Mac Maker Design Space that remain unaddressed here, but we’re hoping we are able to give feasible solutions to the most common issues. In the meantime, please leave a comment below about your own experience – somebody reading this article might be able to help you.