Desktop Goose for Mac Catalina 1.1.4 With Crack Download Full Free New Version Download 2022

Desktop Goose for Mac Catalina 1.1.4 With Crack Download Full Free New Version Download 2022

Download Desktop Goose for Mac Catalina 

Desktop Goose for Mac 1.1.4   is a very entertaining program that adds a mischievous goose to your Mac. But think carefully before downloading it, as the goose is incessantly distracting from the moment you run the program.

Just run Desktop Goose to unleash the very busy goose. The avian animal will start to circle around your screen, scratch at your files and distract you from your work by dragging memes and messages on your screen.

Not only that, but you’ll also hear the goose’s steps and honks as it explores your desktop, and see the footprints it leaves on the screen. Sometimes it will even steal your cursor and take off with it.

Desktop Goose is a unique program that adds a goose to keep you company while you spend hours on your Mac. But beware, this program is not for the faint of heart.

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How to quit or completely remove Desktop Goose on a Mac 1.1.4 

He might appear cute at first, but the Desktop Goose can really get on your nerves after a while. He tracks footprints across your screen, clutters your desktop with stupid GIFs, and runs off with your cursor when he’s upset.

The exact method to quit or remove the goose has changed a couple of times. But if you’re fed up with that honking menace, you can find out how to quit or remove Desktop Goose from your Mac below.

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What Is Desktop Goose?

Desktop Goose brings you notes of his thoughts.

In case you don’t know where it came from, Desktop Goose for Mac is a silly little app made by an indie developer called Samperson. The entire app consists of a cartoon goose that waddles across your Mac screen getting into trouble.

We all know geese are a pain, and the Desktop Goose is no exception. It tracks dirt across your screen and drags memes onto your desktop. When you close the memes, the goose grabs your cursor and waddles away with it.

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If left running, Desktop Goose has been known to open enough memes to make even the most powerful MacBook Pro crash. While endearing at first, the goose quickly becomes an annoyance.

Is Desktop Goose a Computer Virus?

Nefarious as the goose is, it isn’t a computer virus. You can only get Desktop Goose on your Mac if you or someone else chose to install it. And it’s easy to quit or remove Desktop Goose from your Mac once you know how.

There’s no reason to believe the goose collects data or installs malware on your Mac. It seems totally safe, despite how frustrating it can be.

Desktop Goose has no shortage of memes to show you.

How to quit Desktop Goose on your Mac

After playing around with the Desktop Goose for a little while, you might be alarmed to find you can’t quit it like other apps. This is because the Desktop Goose doesn’t live inside a window that you can close, like other apps. It also doesn’t show up on the dock, in the menu bar, or in the task manager.

Have no fear, there are still multiple ways to quit Desktop Goose on your Mac.

1. Open the Desktop Goose app a second time

The simplest way to quit Desktop Goose on your Mac is to open the app a second time. With earlier versions of Desktop Goose, this opened multiple geese on your desktop, but now it opens a preferences window for the app instead.

If you can’t find it, look for the Desktop Goose app in your Applications or Downloads folders. Failing that, search for it using Spotlight (Cmd + Space).

From these preferences, click the button to Quit Desktop Goose.

Find the Quit Desktop Goose button in the bottom-left corner of the settings.

2. Use a Terminal command

When you can’t find the Desktop Goose app to open again, you can still kill the goose using Terminal. Just make sure you type the command exactly as we’ve written it below.

Open Terminal from the Utilities folder in your Applications. Then type the following command and press Enter to quit Desktop Goose on your Mac: killall "Desktop Goose"

He may honk in protest, but Terminal is an effective way to kill the goose.

3. Open the quit file in the download folder

If you installed an older version of Desktop Goose on your Mac, you need to find a file called Open me to Quit Desktop Goose inside the download folder you got Desktop Goose from.

If you can’t find the original folder, search for Desktop Goose using Spotlight (Cmd + Space) or download it again from the Samperson website. You don’t need to pay again.

You should see an app designed to quit Desktop Goose in the folder it came from.

There’s a chance your Mac won’t let you open this file even if you can find it. Should that be the case, control-click and select Open from the pop-up menu instead to bypass your Mac’s security. Otherwise, go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy and choose to Open Anyway.

How to remove Desktop Goose on your Mac

It closing down the Desktop Goose isn’t enough to make you feel at ease, you can uninstall it as well. When you do this, it permanently removes Desktop Goose from your Mac, so you never need to worry about it again.

To uninstall any app on your Mac—Desktop Goose included—all you need to do is drag the application to the Trash. Find the Desktop Goose app in your Downloads or Applications folder, then drag it to the Trash to uninstall.

Drop Desktop Goose into the Trash to uninstall it.

You might want to empty the Trash after you delete it, to make sure Desktop Goose is gone for good. Control-click and select Empty Trash to do so.

Learn how to uninstall any app from your Mac

Desktop Goose is a particularly tricky app to quit. But removing Desktop Goose from your Mac is as simple as removing any other app.

How to Get Rid of Desktop Goose on Mac and Windows

Just like Goat Simulator before it, Untitled Goose Game has become something of an internet phenomenon, so much so that it has inspired artists and developers to create goose-related content in image, video, or even app form.

If you’ve tried Untitled Goose Game and are looking for a similar experience on your desktop, then do I have the app for you! Desktop Goose brings you an annoying goose companion that will wander across your screen and leave a trail of destruction and terrible memes in its wake.

Geese are cute, right?

Wrong. If you really believe that, you’re in for a rude awakening. The only thing a goose wants is for every living being around to know how much it hates them. If there’s no one around for a goose to terrorize, it will find someone. Today, that lucky someone is you.

Now that you’re the proud subject of your goose master, your life is about to get a lot more interesting. And by interesting, I mean scary and unproductive. Things will go wrong, and you have no idea when and how badly.

Life under your new goose overlord

At first, you might see the harbinger of doom wobbling across your desktop and think it’s fairly harmless. Until, of course, it decides to start tracking mud on your wallpaper, browser, and everything else you hold dear.

Not content to simply deface your pristine desktop, the goose will occasionally drag in awful memes, drawings, and notes, in its very own “Not-epad.” Not a big deal, right? You can just close them, right? Think again. You try that, and the goose will grab your mouse cursor to keep you from messing with its stuff every again.

Try to tame the goose… if you dare

All hope isn’t lost just yet. Before you quit the app and kill the goose for good, you can try to tweak the settings to make it less (or even more) annoying. You can prevent it from grabbing your cursor at random, specify how long it should wander around your desktop before it does something evil, and even give it a new paint job.

More interestingly, you can replace its sub-standard memes with superior ones and add some personal notes instead of the goose’s silly ramblings. Just open the dedicated folders from the app’s preferences and replace the files with your own.

Desktop Goose will make even the most mundane task a much more exciting experience, and it will help you appreciate just how amazing a goose-less life truly is. Just don’t let the goose read this, for my own good.

Different ways to uninstall or delete Desktop Goose from your system

Desktop Goose is an app made by Sam Chiet aka Samperson for Windows and Mac. Based on the Untitled Goose Game, the app adds a virtual goose on your computer or MacBook. This cute little goose spreads muds over your screen, drags memes and GIFs all over the apps. It can also steal your mouse cursor, honk, write notes, play video games with a buddy and whatnot.

The goose walking all around the screen is pure fun and revives old memories back from the early 2000s. At the same time, it can cause a slight lag and get annoying over time. The various crazy elements added by the goose block your view too. Hence, you may eventually find the need to get rid of it.

That said, Desktop Goose for Windows PC and macOS is a standalone app that works without installation. Once you run it, the goose stays active all the time and there is no setting (in the menu or system tray) to temporarily disable it. You won’t find the option to uninstall the app either.

Nevertheless, here’s how you can completely turn off desktop goose app on your PC or Mac.

How to Delete Desktop Goose

Method 1

On Windows

  1. Right-click the Windows taskbar and open the Task Manager.
  2. Navigate to Processes and look for “GooseDesktop” in the Apps section.
  3. Then right-click on GooseDesktop app and select “End task”.

On Mac

  1. Search for “Activity Monitor” using Spotlight on your Mac.
  2. In Activity Monitor, look for “Desktop Goose” under CPU > Process Name.
  3. Double-click on the desktop goose process.
  4. Click the “Quit” button. Hit Quit again to confirm and quit the process.

That’s it. The app will stop immediately and it won’t start forever unless you run or open it again.

Method 2 (Windows only)

Navigate to the directory where you extracted the apps’ zip. Then open the Desktop Goose folder and run the Windows batch file named “Close Goose.bat“. The app will instantly turn off.

If you want to start it again, simply run the file GooseDesktop.exe.

Method 3 (Both OS)

Desktop Goose neither installs on your system nor it runs automatically during startup. As a result, you can shut down, restart or log out of your PC or Mac to close the app.

NOTE: None of the above methods will delete the app. They will rather stop desktop goose from running on your system. If you wish to delete the app, then simply move its folder to the Recycle Bin or Trash. Just make sure to stop the app before deleting it.

Is Desktop Goose a Virus?

Most users would certainly deem Desktop Goose for Mac as a virus if they find it running on a third-party computer. That’s because it sort of hijacks your system and populates the screen with some freaking unusual stuff. The truth, however, is that it is not a spyware or malware and is 100% safe to download.

Here’s a scan result from Kaspersky Internet Security showing no presence of threats.