Flight Simulators For Mac Catalina Full Free Download Version 2022

Flight Simulators For Mac Catalina Full Free Download Version 2022

Flight Simulators For Mac If you want to take to the skies without leaving your Mac, we’ve taken a look at the best Mac compatible flight sims of 2020. Although the incredibly popular Microsoft Flight Simulator has never been released for Mac these are the best alternatives to Microsoft Flight Simulator For Mac in 2020. We found the best flight simulator for Mac is X-Plane which offers a level of realism and graphics that go way beyond Microsoft Flight Sim.

It’s even more realistic that Microsoft Flight Simulator when you add real flight simulator controls on Mac such as yoke controllers, rudder pedals and even flight switches too. Wheel Stand Pro S Compatible with Saitek Logitech Pro Flight/Cessna Yoke System;Yoke Support; Wheel Stand Only Flight System Not Included.

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1. X-Plane

X-Plane is designed by an ex-professional pilot is and is easily the most realistic flight sim available for both Mac and PC. X-Plane is an incredible piece of work with highly detailed graphics, cockpits, airports, plane handling and weather conditions. In fact, X-Plane is so realistic that it’s used by pilot training schools, aerospace engineers and even NASA to design, simulate and test aircraft. Even professional pilots use it on down time to keep their skills sharp.

X-Plane allows you to do everything from shoot VFR and IFR approaches to preparing for emergencies or improving your navigation and landing skills. Not only that but the choice of planes you can fly in X-Plane is incredible ranging from the Cirrus Vision SF 50 to a Lockheed Blackbird and even a Space Shuttle Orbiter.

There are 30 planes to choose from but you can add over 1400 more aircraft with add-ons created by fans and plane enthusiasts.

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The impressive thing is that X-Plane models the flight handling of each different aircraft so that no two planes ever feel the same. And if that’s not enough, there’s an in-game plane designer to design your own plane with.

The choice of landing pads and airports is equally impressive with over 30,000 locations ranging from oil rigs and frigates (which pitch and roll in stormy weather) to commercial airports and helipads.

The level of detail is unbelievable including real world weather conditions, system failures and downloadable scenery.X-Plane is also the only flight sim for Mac that’s compatible with flight yokes, rudder pedals and cockpit flight switch panels.

The mobile apps are free but you have to make in-app purchases to add aircraft such as Airbus A320, Boeing 777, F-4 Phantom etc. The regions are far more limited on the mobile version than on Mac but it does support multiplayer mode and other challenges and tutorials. The obvious downside with such a massive game is it takes a lot of getting used to. X-Plane is also incredibly RAM hungry. The X-Plane system requirements for Mac recommend having 16-24 GB of RAM to use it such is the detail of both the graphics and movement of the planes.

As long as you have this, X-Plane works extremely well on Mac because although it is available on Windows and Linux, X-Plane was developed using a Mac.

Note that unfortunately, VR is not possible on Mac in X-Plane 11 so you can’t use a VR headset on Mac with X-Plane. This is due to Apple’s decision to remove OpenGL from macOS Mojave 10.14 and above.

One useful tip: If you use Time Machine to backup your Mac to an external hard drive, don’t forget to exclude the X-Plane directory as it will take-up unnecessary space on your backup device. Overall, X-Plane really is the ultimate sim for flying on Mac – it’s the closest thing you’ll get to stepping into a cockpit on Mac.

2. Aerofly FS 2

If the price tag or complexity of of X-Plane scares you off, then Aerofly FS 2 is a very good compromise. Like X-Plane, Aerofly FS has incredibly realistic graphics and handling but with a considerably easier user interface that’s less intimidating. It’s not quite as professional as X-Plane but for those with little flying experience, it’s definitely more accessible. Like X-Plane, you can use either keyboard, joystick, gamepad or mouse to control the plane. The controls, aerodynamics and graphics of the planes are very close to those in X-Plane and the flying environment is incredibly detailed.

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On the downside, the only region you can fly over is Switzerland – you can’t choose from a variety of worldwide locations like in X-Plane., That said, the detail of the terrain over the Alps is stunning. The aircraft are nowhere near as varied as in X-Plane either. There are no commercial airliners – Aerofly FS is limited to smaller aircraft such as Robin DR-400 and Piper Archer. Some of these also need to be unlocked with in-app purchases.

Aerofly also requires less RAM than X-Plane. The system requirements for Aerofly on Mac are a minimum of 8GB of RAM compared to 16GB on X-Plane. There also aren’t many military aircraft but it does include the F-18 fighter jet. There’s also Aerofly FS for iPad and iPhone for $3.99 although like the desktop version, you need to unlock most of the planes with in-app purchases. The iOS version does however support commercial airliners such as the Boeing 747-400 which is a $2.99 add-on.

3. FlightGear

FlightGear is easily the best free flight sim out there as it’s completely open source and doesn’t cost a penny but incredibly detailed. Although FlightGear works on all platforms, it does require a lot of downloading different components such as scenery and aircraft. If you can program, you can even expand the code yourself and add airports and planes for others to enjoy. In fact, putting Flightgear together from all the different downloads available is a bit of a mission in itself and we recommend watching the get started guide before jumping in.

Due to the sheer number of aircraft and locations that have been contributed by users around the world, Flightgear has an incredible amount of flying possibilities and choice. There are 20,000 different airports alone and there are also tons of videos uploaded by users giving you instructions how to use the planes, flying tips and more. The graphics in FlightGear aren’t quite as sharp as in Aerofly FS or X-Plane – they feel a little bit blocky in comparison but there’s not much in it really.

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However, all of the detail is there – the cockpits and planes have been modeled exactly like the originals and the handling feels very realistic. All the major commercial planes are there too such as Boeing 747 and Airbus A320. FlightGear requires the least RAM of any flight sim on Mac with a minimum of 4GB RAM required so it’s also suitable for older Macs. Like X-Plane, FlightGear takes some getting used to though and downloading and uploading the different components takes a bit more time. However, if you’re on a budget and want a highly detailed and realistic flight sim that’s highly customizable, you can’t do much better than FlightGear.

4. GeoFS

GeoFS is a free cloud based flight sim that can be used in a browser on your Mac. There are 20 aircraft to choose from and you can control them with a joystick, keyboard or mouse. There are a staggering 30,000 different runways to choose from too so you definitely won’t get bored in a hurry. You can even choose to fly a hot air balloon, a helicopter, and a paraglider. GeoFS is very easy to use compared to most flight sims and you simply use the “+” or “-” keys to control the throttle.

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Other planes you see in the sky are also being flown by other players so you can also play with a friend in real time. A really nice touch is that weather conditions change in line with real world weather changes as GeoFS is linked to Open Weather Map to add an extra special level of realism. You can play GeoFS for free although you can also pay just $9.99 a year for higher resolution images. Even in HD, the graphics aren’t great but considering you can play it for free in any browser, GeoFS is an impressive flight sim for Mac users of all abilities can try.

5. YSFlight

YSFlight is about as cheap and cheerful as it gets when it comes to flight sims but it’s free, easy to learn and works on Mac desktops. YSFlight was created by Japanese student Soji Yamakawa as a project back in 1999 and allows you to do everything from flying a private jet to fighter jets. There are more than 70 planes to choose from and you can shoot-down other planes and play multiplayer with friends in “East vs West” Cold War battles.

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You can even host online events like airshows, squadron competitions and even races. YSFlight has a dedicated community of followers that have modded the game so there are lot of user created planes, environments and scenarios to try. You can customize the controls in YSFlight to use the joystick too. YSFlight is completely free to use and there’s a useful Flight School to get you started quickly.

6. Google Earth Flight Simulator

One thing many Mac users aren’t aware of is that you can use Google Earth as a flight sim. It works either in your browser or as a desktop download. Google Earth Flight Sim is about as basic as it gets but the imagery benefits from Google’s amazing photos of planet Earth from the sky. You can even fly over the Moon and Mars. To activate Google Earth Flight Simulator, simply go to Tools > Enter Flight Simulator to launch it.

Flight Simulators For Mac: Conclusion

As we’ve seen, although there are less flight simulators on Mac than there on PC, there are three that work on both platforms and stand out for professionalism and realism: X-PlaneAerofly FS and FlightGear. X-Plane and FlightGear are easily the most realistic but also the most complex. X-Plane costs $59.99 whereas FlightGear is free but X-Plane is more polished and easier to get going with than FlightGear. X-Plane also allows you to enhance the flight experience with far more realism thanks to accessories like cockpit joysticks, rudder control and flight switches. Aerofly FS is an excellent compromise between the two as it’s much easier to learn but as a result, isn’t as realistic.

For those looking for something simpler with less of a learning curve, GeoFS, YSFlight and Google Earth Flight Sim are excellent flight sims for beginners on Mac. Note that if you’re looking for flight simulators on iPad or iPhone, you can enjoy both X-Plane and Aerofly FS on iOS although there’s no mobile version of FlightGear.