Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17126 for Mac Pro  Download Full Version {UPDATED} 2022

Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17126 for Mac Pro Download Full Version {UPDATED} 2022

How to Download and Install Internet Explorer 11.0.9600.17126 for Mac? (2022)

Internet Explorer 11 for Mac is the latest web browser from Microsoft for Windows computers, but those who use OS X on a Mac won’t be able to use it! However, if you want to download Internet Explorer for Mac, then there’s a an easy and effective way to do just that in a few steps. In this article, we will be seeing how you can use Internet Explorer 11 on a Mac.

internet explorer 11 download on mac

Although the Internet Explorer is not officially available for Mac OS X, you can still use it using a free Internet service from Microsoft called Modern IE. Using this service, we can easily use Internet Explorer for Mac without any issues. If you are web developer or a web designer, you will find this method incredibly useful as you can test your websites and apps and see if they are running properly on the browser or not.

Whatever reason you might have to download and use Internet Explorer 11 on your Mac, we’ll show you just how to do it in the easiest way possible. It will be complete and latest version of IE11 and it works great.

microsoft internet explorer 11 for mac os x

Microsoft’s now discontinued browser for Mac 11.0.9600.17126 

internet explorer 11 for mac microsoft  was Microsoft’s free web browser designed to run on Mac computers. While you can still download Internet Explorer for Mac from this page, it is important to note that the product is no longer supported by Microsoft.

No longer works properly on Mac

Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer for Mac on December 31st, 2005, and does not provide further security or performance updates. Since the browser is no longer designed to handle the requirements of most modern web pages,

internet explorer 11 for mac microsoft

Totally unusable – only for nostalgia

However, if you really can’t help yourself and are an Internet Explorer nostalgic, you might want to try it for a trip down memory lane. However, for normal internet browsing we’d really discourage you from using it. We couldn’t even render the Softonic website in it and indeed, most websites failed to load properly. Internet Explorer for Mac is incredibly slow, buggy, prone to crashes and freezing and is woefully short of security settings.

Since development finished in 2005, internet explorer 11 download on mac doesn’t offer even the most basic features that you would consider a prerequisite on any browser nowadays like tabs, extensions, saved sessions or private data management.

No longer an option for Mac 11.0.9600.17126 

There are absolutely no compelling reasons to use Internet Explorer for Mac. If you’ve just switched from Windows to Mac, try one of the browsers suggested above instead.

This latest version — version 5.2.3 — enhances browser compatibility for users who work on a network with secure authentication or with proxy servers. It also provides all the latest security and performance enhancements for Internet Explorer 5 for Mac OS X.


  • This latest version — version 5.2.3 — enhances browser compatibility for users who work on a network with secure authentication or with proxy servers. It also provides all the latest security and performance enhancements for Internet Explorer 5 for Mac OS X.


  • Nostalgic


  • Doesn’t render web pages properly
  • Constantly crashes
  • Slow and unstable
  • Abandoned software

Prerequisites for Running Internet Explorer 11 for Mac

  • High-speed Internet access.
  • A Microsoft account – @outlook or @hotmail. You can signup for an email account for free if you don’t have it.
  • Download Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac from the Mac App Store.

Once you have met the above requirements, you will be able to follow the below steps and complete the process to use Internet Explorer for Mac. The method will result in IE11 to run on any version of OS X – El Capitan, Mavericks Yosemite, Snow Leopard – which is compatible with Microsoft Remote Desktop.

How to Use Internet Explorer 11 in Mac OS X the Easy Way

Internet Explorer 11 is a Windows web browser from Microsoft, but those running OS X on a Mac can also use internet explorer 11 for mac os x free download through a great free service called ModernIE from Microsoft. Being able to run Internet Explorer 11 directly on the Mac without having to access a Windows machine or boot a VM is incredibly useful for web developers and web designers in particular, but some Mac users may find it necessary to use IE 11 in order to access a particular web service or website as well.

Whatever the reason, if you want to use Internet Explorer on a Mac, we’ll show you how to do it in the easiest possible way. Yes, it’s a complete version of IE11, it’s always the latest version, and it works great.

This tip uses a free internet service from Microsoft called Modern IE, which relies on Remote Desktop to access Internet Explorer 11 from Windows but atop OS X. It’s fast, but obviously requires internet service given the reliance on remoting. If you need an offline solution, you should run IE in a virtual machine instead, which is another free approach, albeit a bit more technical.

Requirements for Running Internet Explorer 11 in Mac OS X

  • Internet access, higher speed is better for performance
  • Microsoft account, like @hotmail or @outlook email address, these are free and you can sign up for one here if you haven’t done so yet
  • Download Remote Desktop for Mac from Microsoft from the App Store

Once you’ve met those basic requirements, the rest is really easy to setup.

How to install Internet Explorer on a Mac?

Apple’s Mac devices operated by OS X continue to occupy a large share of the computer market. Although switch-over from Windows to Mac devices is quite simple, there are still some applications that a person working on a Mac device for the first time would like to have at hand. One of such application is the Internet Explorer browser, which has been accounting for about 38% of the US market since 2012.

Why Use Internet Explorer on a Mac?

One of the benefits of using IE on a Mac is that is makes operating multiple machines simpler. There are a lot of people using Internet Explorer at work and Mac’s browsers at home with no way to synchronize the Internet sessions and migrate their data easily.

Secondly, Internet Explorer is still the most popular browser on the planet. It means that there are lots of websites specifically developed for Internet Explorer as the main priority. In this case, Internet Explorer renders these websites more reliably than its competitors. Moreover, because of the ActiveX technology, it is much simpler to use IE for business-related websites such as HTML IT consoles or Webex.

In addition to this, it is recommended to have at least two different browsers installed on the device. And whether you decide to use Chrome, Firefox or Safari as your primary browser, there are not many better tools than IE as a backup. Regardless of its reputation, Internet Explorer is the best browser to load JavaScript quickly and render pages reliably and consistently.

How to Use Internet Explorer 11 in Mac OS X with IE Tech Preview

This will work to run IE 11 on any version of OS X that Remote Desktop is compatible with, we’re demonstrating here with OS X El Capitan but it will work with Mavericks, Yosemite, Snow Leopard, etc too.

  1.  your Microsoft account (this is free), and pick a region nearest you for the best performance – after you subscribe your Microsoft account will get an email saying “You can start using Remote IE right now!”
  2. Now launch the Microsoft Remote Desktop app you downloaded a moment ago
  3. Click on “Azure RemoteApp” in the Remote Desktop titlebar
  4. Now log in to authenticate with your Microsoft account, accepting the invitation to use Internet Explorer
  5. Under ‘Internet Explorer’, double-click on “IE Tech Preview” (or select it and click the Start button)
  6. Wait a moment or two while Internet Explorer 11 loads, in a moment a new IE 11 browser window, complete with the familiar Windows UI, will appear on the Mac desktop

That’s it, you’re ready to use Internet Explorer 11 just as you would if you were running Windows natively. Yes really, this is a complete Internet Explorer web browser on your Mac. You can browse the web as usual, everything is loaded in a true Internet Explorer browser.

Always the Latest Version of Internet Explorer in OS X

The Internet Explorer 11 web browser version will update itself with updates, you do not need to do anything to update IE versions or change software. Each time you connect to the IE Tech Preview, the new version will load automatically.

Complete Access to Internet Explorer Developer Tools on the Mac

For developers and designers, running Internet Explorer 11 this way also offers complete access to the IE Developer Tools which should make it much easier to troubleshoot IE specific issues with syntax, HTML, css, Javascript, or whatever else you’re working on.

You can even launch the Web Inspector Tools in IE into a separate window, which is great for larger displays or multi-screen setups.

On subsequent launches and anytime you want to run Internet Explorer again, you just need to open the Remote Desktop app, go to the Azure section and launch the Internet Explorer Remote IE config again.

You may need to periodically renew a certificate by authenticating with the Microsoft login, but that’s about it.


Internet Explorer 11 for Mac those whom were wondering how this works, it’s very similar to using VNC or Screen Sharing from Mac to Mac in OS X, you’re accessing a remote session (hosted by Microsoft in this case) except rather than accessing an entire computer, it’s just giving you the Internet Explorer web browser.

It’s fast, fluid, and pretty impressive, assuming you have reasonable broadband internet at least. So while it works great if the Mac has a reliable internet connection, it won’t work for offline situations because it’s not truly installing Internet Explorer on the Mac, and it’s not downloading Internet Explorer to the Mac either. If you need a solution that works both online and offline, then running IE in VirtualBox using a free VM is still a great solution, as it downloads IE specifically into a VM on the Mac, but for most casual users or testing purposes, it’s probably unnecessary to have a complete virtual machine when you can use this remote approach instead.