Kik for Mac Messenger Catalina Full Free Download New Version

Kik for Mac Messenger Catalina Full Free Download New Version

How To Use The Kik App On A Mac Updated 2022

There still isn’t an official Kik for Mac, though there is one for iOS. Granted, it isn’t reviewed very highly, but at least it has one. Windows has a Kik app and so does Android, but Mac has yet to feel the Kik love. All is not lost, though, as you can still use the Kik app on a Mac if you’re determined. You just need an emulator.

Ironically, even though there is a Kik app for iOS, the best way to get it on a Mac is to use an Android emulator that runs on Mac OS. It runs a little slow, as it isn’t a native app, but it does work. If your buddies are all on Kik, it’s the only viable option right now unless you want to be glued to your iPhone or iPad all day and night to stay in touch.

kik for mac without bluestacks

Bluestacks for Mac

Though a whole host of them exist, the emulator I tend to use is Bluestacks. It is a commercial program that has versions for both Windows and Mac. It is a very effective Android emulator that enables you to play mobile games and use apps on your computer in much the same way as you would use them on a mobile device. True, Kik itself is free, but Bluestacks isn’t exactly pricey, and once you have it you can use it for far more than just Kik. If you must use Kik on your Mac, this is the way to do it.It costs $2 a month to continue using after the free trial but is very good at what it does.

kik for mac download

  1. Download and install Bluestacks for Mac. The download button automatically detects your operating system and downloads the most appropriate version.
  2. Open the app and register it.
  3. Double click the Google Play Store on the Home screen.
  4. Search for the Kik app and install it.

The Bluestacks desktop looks and feels a lot like an Android phone and works in much the same way. As it is a legitimate application, you can use the Google Play Store as you would if were you using an Android smartphone. You can install any app from the store and it should work on Bluestacks. Some newer games may have compatibility issues, but these are usually mentioned on the Bluestacks website and for popular apps these issues get addressed fairly quickly. For the purposes of installing Kik, everything should work fine.

Using Kik on a Mac

Once Kik is installed, you open and use it like any other app.

  1. Double click the Kik app icon.
  2. Select Register if you’re a new user or Log in if you already have an account.
  3. Provide your real cell number (Kik won’t work without it).
  4. Find your friends or join a public chat or group.

I use Bluestacks and Kik, and both work well. Bluestacks can lag at times, but aside from that it is a very credible emulator. As it is a commercial product, it is continually in development and frequently improved. As mentioned earlier, it isn’t free but it doesn’t cost much to run.

kik messenger for mac

If you are a new user, you will need to enter your first and last name, create a username, a display name, provide a valid email address for a confirmation and create a good password. Then you can enter your birth date, phone number and hit Sign Up. You may or may not have to complete a Captcha.

Making friends on Kik

First we need to complete your Kik profile by adding an image. Navigate to Settings in Kik and select Set Photo at the top. Add any picture you like, but make it a good one. Then we are ready to go and find some friends. First let us inform people that you’re now a Kik user.

  1. Navigate to Settings in Kik and select Share Your Profile.
  2. Select social networks you are a member of and share your profile.

Share Your Profile lets it out into the wild and allows other Kik users to be able to see your profile. Sharing your profile over your social networks messages contacts on those other networks, letting them know your new Kik name.

To find new friends or those with common interests, you might like to join a public group. These are generally assembled by interest or location.

  1. Select the ‘+’ button in the Kik chat window.
  2. Select Public Groups from the popup at the bottom.
  3. Add a hashtag followed by a keyword for a group you might like to join.

 kik Messenger for Apple Mac

The technology is skyrocketing nowadays. New applications are coming around and the devices are getting smarter. With so much development, it is not possible to get in touch with a distant relative with few clicks only. Irrespective of your location or time-span, you can talk to someone sitting miles away from you. There are so many social media and instant messaging applications taking place. Among these famous and full of features applications, there is KIK Messenger that is widely used by users.

kik messenger for apple mac

However, even with the advancement and development, it is not available for the Mac. Well, everything has an alternative. Hence, you can even use Kik for Mac on your Apple device by using one of the alternatives available. Simply follow the step by step procedure to get to the end of it. This will help you to download, install and use the most reliable, fast and simple instant messaging tool to get in touch with your family and friends.

Download Kik for Mac – A Complete Guide

The best thing that attracts us is that the application is less annoying and you can do more of your work in the short time. Basically, every user goes for the fast, reliable and bug-free application that can make it easy for you to get in touch with your business clients or personal relations. To achieve this, all you need to do is to install KIK messenger.

The best thing about KIK application is that it is user-friendly. There are no tough features that you need to get a hang on before starting it. You can download, install, and open an account and enjoy it. It is that simple!.

Important Features of Kik for Mac

However, Kik app has more features than you can assume. Here is a list of some of the features for which KIK is popular.

  • Supports many operating systems like Window, IOS, Window and platforms such as PC and smartphones.
  • Easily accessible.
  • Share Audio, video, and messages without any cost.
  • Instant notification.

Earlier there was no such alternative that makes it easy for you to download KIK. However, with so advancement in technology, it is now possible to use Kik for Mac and easily on any platform. All you need is one extra setup and you are good to go. No extra switch up or software addition, no useless extensions, or no browsing some alternative is needed after this setup.

kik app for macbook air

How to Install Kik on Mac

Follow the simple steps and get started with the KIK for PC Mac or iPhone and other IOS devices.

  1. The first and foremost thing you require is download and install of Bluestacks.
  2. Open the web browser and type Bluestacks download on the navigation bar.
  3. Follow the simple instructions written on the page and download the file.
  4. Once the file is downloaded, double-click on the setup and run it.
  5. The file will take few seconds or minutes to get installed on your system.
  6. Open the software and sign up by using your Google account.
  7. Set up your account on Bluestacks and complete the instructions if any.
  8. Then Open the application on Bluestacks names as Google Play Store.
  9. Enter KIK messenger in the search bar and let the net do the work.
  10. Once the search is done, you will be able to see various options and one of the options will be displayed as KIK messenger.
  11. Press on the name and then click the install button.
  12. The application will only a few minutes to install.
  13. Once the installation is done, create your KIK messenger account.
  14. Congratulation! You can all set to use the KIK messenger. Send the message to your loved ones.


You can use Kik for Mac messenger app on any of the smartphone platforms such as Blackberry, IOS, Android and Window mobile. There are so many instant messaging application that is available in the market for various platforms. However, KIK messenger is unique with exciting features making it one of the most popular and most used software. The reliability and the unique user interface attracts the audience and make them hang on it.

It is possible to share audio, video, and messages within few seconds through KIK messenger. All you need it a good and secure internet connection. Then, you can easily use the software without worried about any disturbance. So get set and go enjoy KIK on Apple devices.

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