Odin 3.14.4 for Mac Pro Full Version Free Download {UPDATED} 2022

Odin for Mac 3.14.4 : Download and Install jOdin3 for Free 2022

Odin for Mac 3.14.4 People search for the bridge tools to connect their Android smartphone with their iOS like MacBook, MacBook Air, iMac etc. There are very fewer tools which help us to connect our smartphone with iOS. Since Odin is one of the tools which guides us to connect as well as help us to perform all the task to work over our smartphone. Hence, we are going to discuss Odin for Mac. Specifically, what is Odin, it features, latest version, it’s requirements, how to download, how to install Odin on Mac and how to use Odin on Mac?

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Odin for MAC 3.14.4 

In Android, you can customize anything you desire on your mobile. I mean this anything. I’m not talking about the wallpapers or icons here. Unlike iOS, there are many user interfaces available for Android. Almost every Android manufacturer has its user Interface like MIUI (Xiaomi), Oxygen (OnePlus), OneUI & Samsung Experience (Samsung), and color OS (Oppo and Vivo) to use on their mobiles. Moreover, there is stock Android which is the perfect experience of Android with no unique characteristics and bloatware.

In Android, you can also change the UI entirely to another if you do not like default UI or want to experience different UI. You can also upgrade to the next Android versions if your OEM is not best at providing updates and security patches. Unlocking bootloader, rooting, unrooting these are few things you can easily do in Android.

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What is Odin 3.14.4 

For all these tasks, you need to have a tool that relies on your manufacturer. For instance, if you are a Xiaomi user, you need to get unlock permission from Xiaomi. You can use the Mi Unlock tool to unlock the bootloader of your Xiaomi mobile. If you are a Samsung user, you can use a tool called Odin for all these kinds of needs.

What is Odin?

It is the flash tool used to connect your Samsung smartphones sponsored by Samsung Inc. It is very light software, used by the millions of the users worldwide. It has been proven the best tool to connect Samsung smartphones or tablets with the Windows, Linux or iOS.

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We are only concern about the Odin on Mac. Hence, in order to flash your smartphone’s firmware, you just need to connect it with the Mac and put on the download mode or Odin mode

Features of Odin

Odin is designed in a way to work such as flashing firmware, recover data, bootloader, update the kernel or rooting the device. Some most frequently used features of the Samsung odin for macos catalina is enlisted below.

Flash Stock Firmware:

With the help of odin for macbook pro, you can Flash your Stock Firmware of the device. Hence, this tool helps us to fix the issues like crash, boot loop etc. Since it is very helpful to fix such errors with the help of Odin.

Flash Custom Firmware:

Custom Firmware generally refers to the Custom ROM. Hence, we can Flash our Custom Firmware of the device with the help of Odin. You can modify or replace the contents of the ROM. Since it works with the desired processing.

Flash Recovery File:

If you are familiar with TWRP(Team Win Recovery Project). Odin also allows the user to Flash Stock or Custom Recovery. Since you can add many more functions to your android with the help of Odin.

Flash Kernels:

Custom Kernel is nothing but it is the way to achieve some special features which initially not present in your kernel from manufacturers. Hence, Flashing Kernels is possible with Odin. You just need Odin Flashable Kernel which is “.tar” and also it must be compatible with your device.

Flash Root Package:

Odin can also Flash Custom Root packages to letting root access on your device.

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Can we use Odin on Mac?

Odin is only designed for Windows OS.

Samsung developers are still working on the compatibility of Odin on other OS like Mac or Linux. You can still use Odin on Mac as some experts designed JOdin which is compatible with Mac.

It is designed in a way to work as similar as Odin. It’s features and other tools are also work same as for Odin works with Windows.

JOdin is only compatible with Mac OS.  Before you download JOdin, learn about the latest versions and it’s compatibility with your existing Mac.

The latest version of Odin

Latest version of odin for mac os which you can use with your Mac is JOdin3. Hence, it is easily available at various websites. Use only trusted websites to download JOdin3 so that it can work with the healthy environment. There are some websites which can share the download link with some hyperlinks. Hence, aware of being trapped in any fake hyperlink.

Odin for MacOS

Before the installation guide, it is not an official Odin for mac release. It was a port from the Windows version, which was done by the XDA developers. Do not worry about this, and it is entirely functional and bug-free.

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JOdin – Features

Here are some of the features that you can find in JOdin:

  • Based on the CASUAL-X project and Heimdall tool
  • Automatically obtains PIT file with a single device reboot
  • USB drivers are installed automatically on Windows
  • Heimdall will be installed automatically on macOS
  • In-app instructions at each step for easy flashing
  • Supports .TAR or .TAR.MD5 files to flash on the device

Requirements for Odin on Mac

It is very important to check for the requirements of the JOdin3 with your Mac. Hence, most of the time the latest version of the software could not be supported with the existing Mac due to lack of requirements. Hence, check for these requirements.

  • Check for the latest version of the Mac iOS so that JOdin3 can perform all the task to modify the features of your smartphone.
  • Mac can be updated with the USB drivers so that your Mac can easily detect your Smartphone after you connect.
  • Download the latest Odin software so that it can be run easily with your existing Mac.
  • Your Mac could not have Kies installed with it. So that Odin can work smoothly.
  • The latest version of Kava should be installed on your Mac to run Odin properly.
  • It is always advised to install Heimdall apart from java so that Odin can perform smoothly.

How to download and Install Odin on Mac

  1. Follow some simple steps to download and install JOdin3 on Mac.
  2.  Downloaded latest version of JOdin3
  3. Extract the downloaded folder of Odin after being downloaded.
  4. After being extracted, open the folder and tap to open the installation file
  5. it will take a few minutes to install the software. The home panel will open after the installation process completed.

How to use Odin on Mac

  1. Open Odin, the home window will show up. You will see many options in the windows appear
  2. Scroll and tap to select PDA tab to open it.
  3. Navigate to the .tar.md5 file. After that, boot your mobile to the download mode or Odin mode by pressing volume down key, home key and power key simultaneously while your device is rebooting.
  4. Uncheck all the options available on the Odin window and leave the auto reboot option unchecked.
  5. Click on the start button. After a few minutes, the flashing is done and your device will reboot automatically.

How to Use JOdin on Mac OS X

Once installed, the process is similar to how you use Odin on a Windows computer. If this is your first time working with Odin / JOdin, we have a step-by-step tutorial for you to flash a firmware.

Again, we would recommend you to read all the steps first before proceeding with flashing on an actual Samsung Galaxy device. There is always a risk that you might brick your phone for good.

So, here are the instructions:

  • Download the required firmware / recovery / ROM file in the .TAR format.
  • Now enable USB Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy device. You can go to Settings > Developer options to enable USB Debugging if you have already enabled Developer options before.
  •  Connect your Samsung Galaxy device to your Mac with a USB cable.
  • Open JOdin now. Double click the .JAR file that you downloaded earlier.
  •  If everything went well, you should have JOdin opened up with a green Connected line under ID:COM.
  •  Click on the PDA button and then select the .TAR / .TAR.MD5 file you downloaded to flash on your device.
  • Now put your Samsung Galaxy device into the Download Mode. If you don’t know how to do that, you can quickly Google up the instructions.

NOTE: To boot into Download Mode, follow this: Power OFF your device first. Then press and hold the Volume Down + Bixby buttons simultaneously. Make sure only the Auto-Reboot option is checked in JOdin.

  •  Click the Start button to proceed now.
  • Next, you need to have the PIT file with you of your phone. Click Yes and proceed.
  • Now, again boot your phone into Download Mode as you did in Step 8. This time, JOdin will fetch your phone’s PIT file by itself.
  • Once that is done, a message will be displayed on your screen about it. Click OK to proceed.
  • Click the Start button again to proceed. This will start the installation process.
  • If all went well, you should see a PASS message inside JOdin. If you see FAILED, that means something has gone wrong.


Odin3 is Samsung’s Official tool for flashing firmware, recoveries, bootloaders or modem files on Samsung Galaxy device.You can unbrick, unroot and return back to stock firmware using this simple flashing tool.The tool actually becomes handy when your device is soft-bricked and you can’t find a way to fix it. By flashing stock firmware using Odin3, you can restore your device to complete stock firmware.This is one of the most important and recommended tools for all Samsung android users.

Thanks to famous XDA developer Adam Outler, who  has ported Odin3 to MAC and named it as JOdin3. JOdin3 works with Heimdell, that was previously available for MAC, but now users can do their tasks much more easily using JOdin3.Now you can easily Download & Install Odin (Jdoin3) For MAC OSX.The installation process is very simple, safe and easy

Starting from the lower end devices, Odin supports up to the current Samsung flagship Galaxy s10 plus. If you desire to use stock Android on your Galaxy J7, Odin is the only technique you can achieve this. But Odin is not obtainable for all operating systems. It was only accessible for only windows operating system, which is very hectic for Linux and Mac users. After so much time waiting for Odin is finally available for Mac users. Yes! Odin for Mac is open, and from now, you can use Odin on your Mac system to tinker with your tablets and Samsung mobiles. If you are looking for Odin for mac installation and tutorial guidance, this is the article you need. Without wasting any plenty of time, let us quickly tell you the steps to install Odin on your Mac computer.