PDFelement for Mac 8.2.21 Catalina Download Full Free Version {UPDATED}

PDFelement for Mac 8.2.21 Catalina Download Full Free Version {UPDATED}

PDFelement for Mac 8.2.21 – Get Complete Control and Edit PDFs to Professional Perfection

PDF Element for Mac 8.2.21  is a powerful tool to edit your PDF files. Here is an in-depth review of PDFElement for Mac and why you need it for your office works. PDFelement for Mac is an easy-to-use tool that enables users to create, edit, convert, and sight PDF documents in just a few clicks. Using unsafe online tools loaded with ads and potentially dangerous malware to edit or convert sensitive documents can harm your Mac.

Accidentally using the wrong website may result in you conveniently submitting sensitive documents to cybercriminals. Using the right software may be the difference between you creating a crisp-looking document with ease and getting hacked.

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After using it thoroughly, I found PDFelement for Mac to be one of the best all-in-one PDF solutions available on the market. You can download it directly from the Mac App Store and try it out for free.

The all-new PDFelement 8.2.21 for Mac is safe to use and does not tamper with your documents.

It boasts a redesigned UI, making it much easier and quicker to create a sharp-looking document. PDFelement for Mac also features powerful conversion tools, allowing users to convert their files to the right format in seconds.

It comes with advanced writing tools that help the user deliver their ideas congruously.

Not just that, this new iteration of PDFelement for Mac makes creating documents incisive with its improved team collaboration features and a modern user-management console.

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Getting PDFelement for Mac is one of the easiest ways of giving you and your team a significant productivity boost.

PDFelement for Mac is available in two versions on the Mac App Store:

  • PDFelement Standard for Mac
  • PDFelement Pro for Mac

I got the perpetual plan to evaluate and analyze all its features to give you proper details in this review. Let’s check them out.

PDFelement Standard for Mac 8.2.21 vs. PDFelement Pro for Mac

On the other hand, PDFelement Pro for Mac is a complete PDF solution meant for professionals and a growing team. The package includes the following:

  • All the features in PDFelement Standard for Mac 8.2.21 
  • OCR (Optical Character Reader)
  • Batch Operations
  • PDF/A Support
  • Form Creator
  • Support for Additional Output Formats

Wondershare PDFelement 7 for Mac is a well presented app with stacks of useful features that allows modifications to text, graphics, watermarks, digital signatures, and almost any other attribute of a PDF document you care to think of. It can perform conversions between PDFs and hundreds of other file types, including all popular Microsoft Office file types.

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The app has extensive editing features that are presented in a cool looking Metro-esq interface. The new interface allows you to access any element of your PDF for modification. You can edit your Pdf, Create a PDF, Combine PDF Convert PDF, and Batch Process PDF. There is also a plethora of PDF templates to choose form as well.

With Wondershare PDFelement 7 for Mac you can edit paragraphs, add watermarks, spell check your document, and add digital signatures. You also have full document restriction control. With the newly designed interface of version 7, it is now possible for users to edit any document in a similar manner as they would in Microsoft Word™. This is an outstanding time-saving upgrade on previous versions of the app.

Key features include:

  • Paragraph Editing: You can edit text and graphics right in your PDF. Enjoy editing with automated formatting & paragraph adjustment.
  • Convert PDF: Convert one PDF or multiple PDFs to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Text, PowerPoint, EPUB, HTML, RTF, PNG, TIFF and JPEG.
  • Font Formats: You can now gain full control over PDFs with a simplified Font Formatting option throughout the document editing process.
  • Create PDF: Create Adobe compatible PDF documents from over 300 file formats. Combine multiple files of images, documents and spreadsheets to a single PDF.
  • Spell Check: The automated spell check for your entire PDF makes sure your all your edits are correct. You can amend typos quickly by removing every instance of spell errors.
  • One-click Form Creation: You can transform any flat form, created in Word or Excel, and turn it into a fillable and editable form.
  • OCR Scanned PDF: Recognize text in scanned PDF exactly. Convert scanned PDF to editable text formats. Make it easy to convert, edit and search scanned PDF. Support PDF text of 25 popular languages. (OCR plugin required).
  • Create & Fill PDF Form: Create and edit PDF forms from a variety of templates. Fill and save any static PDF form. Import data to a PDF form to speed up workflow. Export data to FDF files for distribution and reporting.
  • Merge/Split: Merge multiple PDF files into a single one. Split PDF by page or file counts. Sign PDF with Custom Signatures: Use one of the provided industry-standard encrypted digital signatures, or create one specifically for your handwritten signature.
  • Text Autofit: With full-page editing, when you add new text, your existing paragraphs and text fields will automatically adjust to fit correctly.

Overall, Wondershare PDFelement 7 for Mac is a very capable PDF editor. The app has a smart and fresh interface that is easy to use with large buttons that allow you to navigate your way around various areas of the software. It supports many popular file types and has all the file management features that are required for corporate use as well.

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PDFelement Standard for Mac Features

1. PDF Editor

The PDF Editor enables users to edit text, images, and links in PDFs. You can change the font attributes (type, size, style, and alignment). Furthermore, you can insert, update, and remove custom watermarks and backgrounds.

2. Markup and Annotate PDF

Using markup and annotate features in PDFelement for Mac, users can:

  • add comments, sticky notes, textbox, text callouts stamps, and add/edit links;
  • draw freehand—highlight, underline, or strike-through text; and
  • create and manage a library of prebuilt and custom stamps.

3. PDF Converter

The powerful PDF converter supports conversion to the following output formats:

  • Word (.docx)
  • Excel (.xlsx)
  • PPT (.pptx)
  • Image formats (.jpg, .png, .gif, .bmp)

The best thing about the converter is that it does not alter the layout of the original document and maintains texts, graphs, images, fonts, and embedded elements from the original material even after conversion

4. Fill Forms

Users can fill PDF forms with ease using this feature. It gives users access to a collection of prebuilt, customizable, fillable forms.

5. Create PDF

Users can create PDF documents quickly using this feature. PDFelement for Mac supports the following input formats:

  • PDF
  • HTML
  • Web archives
  • RTF files
  • .txt files
  • .jpeg files
  • .jpg files
  • .png files
  • .bmp files
  • .gif files

6. Page Management

PDFelement for Mac enables users to reorganize, insert, extract, rotate, and delete pages in just a few clicks.

7. Secure and Share PDF

Users can control who can and cannot see the contents of a file using this feature. Users can

  • set a password to protect PDFs from being opened by unauthorized users;
  • restrict other users’ access to PDF printing, copying, editing, and extracting by setting appropriate permissions for your document; and
  • save and share files to cloud storage of choice that is compatible with their operating system.

PDFelement Pro for Mac 8.2.21 

It includes all the features of the PDFelement Standard for Mac version. Additionally, the Pro version includes the following exclusive features:

8. OCR

OCR (optical character recognition) allows users to edit and convert PDF files and images by scanning the text in the document. PDFelement for Mac supports the recognition of 29 languages.

9. Create and Sign Forms

Users can create fillable PDF forms using interactive field objects, such as buttons, checkboxes, radio buttons, list boxes, and drop-down lists.

Users can also add digital signatures to the forms. This is excellent for e-commerce companies and contractors who deal with a lot of verification every day.

10. Merge PDFs

Users can combine different format files into a single new PDF using this feature.

11. Convert PDFs

This feature enables users to convert PDF files to a broader range of output formats like EPUB, HTML, Text, RTF.

12. PDF/A

Users may convert files to PDF/A format, which is an ISO standard technique that enables long-term archiving. It is ideal for law and other document-dependent businesses.

13. Batch Processing PDF Files

Users can process PDFs in batches and add backgrounds, watermarks, headers, and footers in sets.

14. Bates Numbering

It enables users to apply Bates Numbering with advanced formatting.

15. Redact PDF

Using this feature, users can redact sensitive text and images in PDFs.

Furthermore, the pro version also includes the ability to unlock the PDFelement for Mac trial restrictions via an in-app purchase, including

  • no “trial” watermark added when saving or printing files;
  • no page count limit when converting PDFs; and
  • OCR function support.


In a nutshell, if you are in a business where content design and delivery are a regular occurrence, then this tool is something you should get right now. It has complete protection along with a 360-degree functionality absent in almost all its competitors.

The software makes creating and editing PDFs easy and super quick. Make sure you at least try it and clear your doubts.

I hope I was able to cover all the features this superb tool has to offer. Once again, it has very minimal flaws and yet delivers 100% control over PDF editing and customization.