PUBG For Mac Pro Download Full Free Version {UPDATED} 2022

PUBG For Mac Pro {UPDATED} Download 2022 

PUBG For Mac or Player Unknown Battleground is an online Multiplayer Battle Royale game which is released by Tencent and PUBG Corporation. This game is created and inspired by the old movie of Japanese which was released in early 2000 named as Battle Royale.

This is a player vs player online game in which 100 players land on one map and then they fight with each other. So, the last man which remains alive will be the winner and will get a Chicken Dinner. It can be played in 3 different ways like in Solo (Single), Duo (Two) and Squad (4 People).

There are 4 maps of this Game which are Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok and a newly released Vikendi. You have to choose any one of the maps and you then have to land at any place on that map. After these players start searching for houses to get a gun so they can kill an Enemy.

Also, there is a BlueZone and a SafeZone, people have to stay in a safe zone which keeps shrinking after some time. While the Blue Zone will damage your health if you stay there for a while you may also get killed.

What’s New in PUBG Mac

  • Added a New Infection Mode where you can play as a Zombie
  • A New Character System is Added: Unlock More Appearance, Skills, and Voice Commands
  • Added a New Pirate Theme Background and a Treasure Hunt Event
  • Royale Pass Season 8 items are restocked
  • Improved daily Missions System
  • The package size for android is reduced
  • Inventory is redesigned and User Interface is changed
  • Fixed Bug when character unable to Climb
  • An Error is fixed when character stuck in buildings

Update 0.13.0:

  • Added a New Mode: Team Death Match (TDM) a 4 vs 4 modes which can be played in FPP & TPP
  • MVP Showcase is Added where you see an Emote when someone got MVP in any mode
  • Footprints, Trails, Vehicle Tires will be visible in Vikendi Map
  • A New button is added for climbing: You have two buttons for jumping and climbing
  • In Friendly Fire, players have the control if your friend loses merit or not
  • Added a Godzilla theme, Events and other treasures as well
  • A new popularity feature where every week a player can collect All-Time popularity title
  • Added Charisma feature where a player can get the permanent firearm/vehicle finish will get more charisma level

Pros & Cons

If we talk about the pros and cons of PUBG Mac then we found many pros in it. I am listing some best things and worst things about this game on Mac which you can read to understand better.


  1. Bigger Screen
  2. Easy Controls With Mouse & Keyboard
  3. Never Get Disturb From Annoying Calls & Messages
  4. Graphics Accelerated
  5. Ultra HD Graphics
  6. Communicate and Play With Your Friends
  7. Live Stream to Earn Money From YouTube
  8. No Need to Pay Money to Buy Steam PUBG version


  1. There is no Official Emulator of PUBG Mac
  2. Some Emulators Gives you White Screen
  3. Need to Have 8 GB at least if you are running Virtual Machine

Download PUBG Mac

After reading the features if you are ready to download this awesome game for your Mac then here is the guide on how you can download from our website. The download process is not too difficult but if you are new here and you don’t know what to do then follow the below guide:

  • 1. First of all click on the Download link which is given below in this guide and then you will be redirected to our Download Page.
  • 2. Here in the download page, you will see the version information and more info about PUBG Mobile for mac. Also, you see two download buttons labelled as Download PUBG Mobile For Mac Apk and second as Download PUBG Mobile OBB.
  • 3. First of all click on Download PUBG Mobile For Mac Apk button and it will ask you where you want to save it. It is recommended to create a new folder so you can find the files easily at the time of installation.
  • 4. Ok, so after download apk file now click on PUBG Mobile OBB and you will be redirected to the Mediafire page. In this page you see there is a Download Now button so click on that and it will take 5 seconds after this you will be asked to choose a destination where you want to save.
  • 5. So, select that folder which you created previously and then click on Save. This will take some time because the total size is about 1.50GB so make sure to use WiFi for this.

Now after successfully downloading the OBB and the Apk file it’s time to move to the installation process. The guide is provided below so read out every step carefully to avoid making a mistake.

Install PUBG Mobile On Mac

So, now before proceeding installation, we have to first download an Emulator for our Mac OS. This is because the Apk file is only supported for Android and in this way we need to have an Emulator to Run the app on Mac.

There are many Emulators for Android that are available on the internet but the smooth and best one is the BlueStacks.  Open the link given below and download BlueStacks for your Mac OS and install it like normal software.

pubg for macbook pro free

 Download Bluestacks

  • After installing BlueStacks now launch it on your macOS and the first launch will take more time to load.
  • When it is downloaded now we have to import OBB files from mac and an Apk file that we downloaded. For this, you need to open File Manager in BlueStacks and then from the left-menu hover below and click on Import from Mac.
  • It will then launch the Finder there so open the folder where you have downloaded the files and apk. Since it doesn’t support import of a folder so we only import file with .obb extension and then place it into a folder.
  • After importing both APK and the OBB files in the BlueStacks now we have to first install the PUBG Mobile apk and then click on Open button.
  • When it opens you will see it says download paused because may not have purchased this from App Store” so ignore this notification and close the App.
  • Now long press on PUBG mac icon and then click on App Info.
  • From here open Permission section and using Switcher turn on both Permissions.
  • Close the Settings and now download ES File Explorer in BlueStacks. Just open Google Chrome and search for it there and download from uptodown.
  • After this just install it on your mac and when its done press Open.
  • In ES File Explorer click on the Local from Left-side menu and then open Home (not Homepage).
  • From here we need to open DCIM folder > then open Shared Folder.
  • In the Shared Folder, you can find the obb file so long click on the file and from below menu click on Cut.
  • After this go back to Home again and at this time open Android folder and go to OBB folder.
  • In OBB folder you will find com.tencent.ig folder with PUBG mac icon on it.
  • Open that folder and simply click on the Paste button.
  • It will be pasted their immediately so after this just close ES File Explorer and then open PUBG Mac.

That’s it. This will then start looking for an update and sometime it may download a package which is around 140MBs. So let it download that package and after this, you are ready to play this directly from mac machine.

I know you understand this because I have told you in a perfect way so make sure to see the screenshots for proper guidance. Even though if you have an Android Phone which already has PUBG installed then follow below guide to copy obb files directly from your phone.

How To Transfer Files From Android To Mac

If you don’t know how to transfer files between your Android application to macOS. Then here is the quick guide that will help you in transferring files. For this, we have to download a tool named Android File Transfer and after this follow these below steps:

1. After downloading Android File Transfer now double click on DMG file that we get while downloading it.

2. It will then Verify that package so wait for some time until it’s done.

3. Now you will see a window which asks to drag & drop Android File Transfer icon to the Applications folder.

4. After dragging the application will be copied and it will be listed in your Applications section.

Now we need to turn on USB Debugging on our Android Device. Follow these steps to enable.

  • Open Mobile Phone’s Settings
  • Scroll Down and go to About Phone
  • From About Phone continuously tap Version or Build Number for 5 times.
  • It will show you the Developer option is enabled
  • Go back to Settings and from here you can see Developer options. In most cases, you will find it in Additional Settings > Developer Options.
  • Now just scroll down and enable USB Debugging using the Switcher.
  • It may ask confirmation so tap Yes.pubg for mac free download

5. Now just click on the Android File Transfer icon from the Applications section and it will show you a warning that it is from Unknown developer. Just ignore that warning and simply click on the Open button.

6. Here you will be asked to Connect Android Phone using USB.

7. After connecting you will see all the folders in your phone just follow this path.

Go to Android > Obb and drag and drop that the folder labelled as com.tencent.ig at desktop to copy.

That’ it. These are the simple steps that we can perform to import our file from Android Phone.

Alternative Method

There is another way that you can use to Run PUBG Mobile In Mac OS by using the Nox Android Emulator.

  • Download Mac OS Version of Nox Player by going to below link and install it like a normal software
    Download Nox Emulator for PUBG Mobile Mac
  • After this launch Nox Emulator program and it also takes some time to load in the first launch.
  • When the program launched successfully now you see there is a Google Play Store Icon. Click on that icon and it will launch Play Store in your Emulator.
  • Sign Up for a new account or Sign in with your old Gmail account if you have any.
  • That’s it now search for PUBG Mobile there and you can directly install by using Google Play Store.

Please Note: As you know that Google Play Store has a slower server so this will take much time to download. It is recommended to only use this method if you have high-speed internet because if a download fails one time you have to redownload it from start.

Install PUBG Mac Using Virtual Machine

This is another way to install PUBG on Mac in which you have to create a Virtual Machine to install Windows OS in it. So, let’s move to the installation guide:

1. First of all, download Virtual Box from the link given below and install it on your Mac OS.

Download Virtual Box

  • Note: Before we move to the Windows installation process first you need to download a copy of Microsoft Windows 10 OS by following this link: Download Windows 10 ISO Free
  • 2. After downloading Windows 10 ISO image now launch Virtual Box from Desktop. You see a blank window you simply click on New which is located above.
  • 3. It will then ask you to enter some information so enter any Name which you want for example Windows 10 VM. Now select the type of your machine as the Microsoft Windows and then choose which version you want to install. As we are going to install Windows 10 so select that from the menu and make sure to select the correct architecture as well. For example, if you are running a 64-bit then choose Windows 10 (x64-bit) or either x84 for x32-bit.
  • 4. Now click on Continue and from here you have to choose how much Ram you want to use for that VM.
  • 5. After selecting Ram to choose the Virtual Hard Disk as well and then again click on Continue.
  • 6. At this time it will ask you to choose the ISO file which you want to install. So open the folder where you downloaded the ISO image and click on next.
  • 7. That’s it now Windows will start installing on your machine so follow all the steps carefully.

Within sometime it will be installed on your machine and after successfully installing launch your Virtual Box and Voila you have now Windows 10 installed in your Mac OS. So, let’s now move to our main part of this topic which is Install PUBG Mac in Virtual Machine.

pubg for mac emulator

Install PUBG Mac in Virtual Box

As we installed Windows 10 in Virtual box by following the above guide now we are ready to enjoy this awesome game in Virtual Machine.

Ok, so open any web browser in VM and then go to this link Download PUBG Mobile Emulator on Mac

Simply download the emulator by following the above link and install it on your VM. When the download completes then open it and it will open a separate window where you will be asked to  Install. So, click on the Install button there and wait until necessary files loaded.

This will take only 5 – 7 minutes and when the process completes a new Window will pop-up asking you for Download.

Just click on the Download Now button and the game will start downloading which takes about 40 – 50 minutes depending on your internet speed.

That’s it the Game will be automatically installed in your system and you can then launch and play it normally on your Mac OS. This is also a great way to get PUBG Mobile on Mac.

Why Use PUBG On Mac?

As everyone knows that it is the most famous Battle Royale Games on Mobile. Tencent has also released an Emulator for the Windows Operating System users where they can play Mobile version on their computers.

This is because some of us don’t own a good phone which runs this game smoothly. Also, some people play on PC because don’t like the small screen of there mobile phones as well.

how to download pubg in macbook

Now the sad news is that it is not available for the Mac Operating System users which disappoint many Mac users. But don’t worry here in this Guide I will tell you a whole process which you can implement to run PUBG Mobile on Mac as well.

So, keep reading this guide and don’t skip any part otherwise you will face some issues during installation.

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Features Of PUBG Mobile Mac

Before we begin let’s first check out the best features of PUBG Mobile for Mac OS.

Play With Friends

PUBG Mac offers you to play the game with your friends in two modes. Duo and Squad, in duo you can play with one of your friends while in the Squad you can play with 4 players.


You can communicate with your friends using messaging or through voice chat. It also offers press and talks which you can use when you don’t want to keep your mic open.

Have Fun

This is a very fun and very addictive game available on the internet because it allows you to play with your friends online. No matter where you are you can still connect with your friends and play it to have more fun.

Chicken Dinner

You and your friends have to fight for the end and the one who remains alive at the end will get the title of Winner Winner Chicken Dinner.

Game Mods

There are three modes in the game which you can use to play.

1. Classic: This game is of about 30 minutes where you land with 100 players and can be played in Solo, Duo or Squad.

2. Arcade: There are 4 modes in Arcade which are Sniper Training, Quick Match, War Mode and Mini-Zone.

Sniper Training is of about 15 minutes while Quick Match is of only 8 Minutes. War-Mode is also 8 minutes long while Mini-Zone is of 20 minutes. All these can be played in Solo, Duo and Squad Mode.

3. EvoGround: This is the latest model that was added after the 0.13 update. You will see Four game modes there which are: Survive Till Dawn, Zombies Dark Nights, TDM (Team Death Match) & Infection Mode.

Loot & Fight

You will be parachuted on an island where you need to loot the houses to get guns and other tactics. Find the best guns and scopes and remain hidden to fight with enemies and win the Match.

Bigger Screen

The best thing about having a PUBGM on Mac is you can now enjoy your game on the bigger screen. Due to the smaller screens of phones,

most people face eye problems like their eyes sight becomes weak, they feel blindness and others. Now this problem is resolved as well because you can have that same game but on the bigger screen.

Play with Mobile Players

If you think that by having a PUBGm for Mac you may not play with your friends who are using mobile phones? Then you are wrong at this point because you are now able to play games with your mobile phone players as well.

Free of Cost

As you know that the original PUBG PC costs a lot and you have to pay for it to play. Since the PUBG Mobile is free this means that you are now able to play it on your Mac without paying money.

No-Risk of Ban

Some people face problems while downloading in the Mac which results from an account ban for 5 years. But now that problem is also resolved as there is no risk of getting banned from the PUBG mobile.

HD Graphics

There are many graphics options for PUBG mobile which are not available in most of the Phones. For example, there are only a few mobile phones which support HD or HDR. Phones which support UHD (Ultra HD) are way too expensive. Now as you have installed a Graphics card in your Mac you can then enjoy the Ultra HD graphics in Game.

Easy Control

If we talk about the controls then you feel more comfortable with the Mouse and Keyboard as compared to the Touch Screen. You can easily aim and control the recoil with Mouse as compared to the touch screen phones. Also, there are many benefits like you can run, Jump & fire at the same time by using Mouse and Keyboard.

No Disturbance

If you have already played this game on mobile then you surely faced many problems like getting messages, receiving unknown calls and many others. Sometimes people call you when there are only 5 to 10 people left so because of that call you get killed which is a very annoying thing.

So, because we are going to play it on our Mac so you will never face this problem and keep your all focus on the game.

Live Stream

This is the best feature for those who want to start a YouTube channel but they don’t have the best phone. You can even go live with emulator and earn a huge profit from YouTube.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

After reading the features and installation process of PUBG Mac if you still have any questions. Then you should read this FAQ list in which I have explained the most asked questions from the internet. In case you don’t find the relevant answer then don’t worry you can still ask me in the comment section. I would be very happy to hear from you and will be glad to help you as well.

Q1) Can I play PUBG on Mac?

Yes, of course, you can play PUBG on Mac OS. All the possible methods are described above so if one method is not working then move to another method.

Q2) Will I get a ban if I use a PUBG Mobile account in Mac?

If you are using the Virtual Machine method to run PUBG Mac then there is no risk of getting a ban. In case, if you are using an Emulator then there may be some chances of getting banned.

Q3) Can I run PUBG Mac on 2GB Ram?

Yes, you can run it on 2GB ram of Mac OS but the problem you will face is a lot of lag. Sometimes you may face Unfortunately Program has Stopped error.

Q4) Can I play PUBG Mac on Core 2 Duo?

Sure you can easily run it on Core 2 Duo processor but make sure to have a 4GB Ram at least. Otherwise, you may face some errors and lag.

Q5) What is the Size of PUBG Mobile For Mac?

The total file of PUBG is around 2GB, it will increase when you download Maps or other things in Game.

Q6) Is this an official release for Mac?

No, PUBG Mobile is not officially released for the Mac OS till now. But you can still use it by following the above methods which are 100% safe and secure.

Q7) From where I can get PUBG for Mac?

You can easily download PUBG Mobile for Mac by going to this link:
Also, the installation process is given above.

Q8) Can I play it on my Mac 32-bit?

In case if the Emulator you use is supported otherwise no. But don’t worry you are still able to use it by installing 32-bit Windows on Virtual Box.

Q9) Which is the best Emulator to Run PUBG on Mac?

There are several emulators that are best for PUBG mac but my favourite is BlueStacks. It is stable and gives you the best performance and accelerate the Graphics as compared to any other.


PUBG Mobile Mac is the most famous and trending Battle Royale game on the internet. Since it was not released for Mac OS there are still many methods that people are using to play. These are all mentioned above in this guide so if you have skipped anything then go above and check again.

I have also shared some tricks and tips about this PUBG Mac which you should also read. There you will find tips on how to get HD graphics on low price phones. Even though I will share some tips on controlling recoil and tell you which gun is best for Rush Game-Play and many other things will be provided here.

If you just loved my work make sure to share it with your friends so they can also enjoy this amazing game on their Mac OS. Also, bookmark my website so you never miss any update from here and get the latest tips first.

PUBG for Mac is one of the most trending and most downloaded game in worldwide. This game was the first release for Computers which can be streamed online through Stream. After getting much fame and on the gamers demand they also released a version for the PS4 and Xbox as well.