Rufus for Macbook Pro 3.18.1876 Full Version Free Download {UPDATED}

Rufus for Macbook Pro 3.18.1876 Full Version Free Download {UPDATED}

Rufus for Mac 3.18.1876  How to Create A Bootable USB Drive On Mac 2022

Rufus for Mac 3.18.1876 Booting is the process for loading an Operating System on your Random Access Memory. Here you can see some of the reboot options of any of the device, and it is the inbuilt option. Here we offer you some tutorial to reboot your Operating System as well as your USB Drive. In some case, you may use some other external device to reboot your USB drive which is quite safe and secured to use. Rufus app is used to noot your Mac safely as well. Rufus app is an external application, which is used here to reboot all your device and it helps you to create format the bootable USB flash drives. Rufus Portable creates the flash driver such as USB keys, Pen drives, Memory Sticks. You can reboot the device once the USB device is converted into a Bootable device. But this Rufus app has some requirements to reboot your devicerufus for mac

Rufus For Mac Alternatives – UUByte ISO Editor

If Rufus did not work as expected, you can consider a great alternative like UUByte ISO Editor. Available for both Windows and macOS/Mac OS X, the software has gone through extensive beta testing prior to release. Today, it is one of the most popular ISO burning utilities for Mac. In addition, it offers a whole range of ISO creating, copying and editing tools. UUByte ISO editor is also extremely easy to use if you’re new to creating bootable USB media on Mac. The interface is highly intuitive, and the best feature is the ability to burn ISO files to a disk or drive with just one click. You won’t need any additional tools or mess around with complicated settings when you use this software.rufus for mac

The steps to create a bootable USB drive on Mac are very simple when using this powerful utility. Once the software has been downloaded and installed on your Mac, simply insert the drive into an available USB port. When you launch the application, you will see that your drive has automatically been identified. All you need to do is select the correct ISO file to be burned, and it will apply default settings for partitioning and file system. The only thing left to do is click on the Burn button in the application, and your bootable USB drive will be ready in a few minutes. Whether this is for a Windows installation or for a Linux distribution, this utility will quickly allow you to create an installer for that operating system with one click. Try it out and see how easy it is to use, and you’ll never need another ISO utility ever again.

Does Rufus Have a Mac Version?

Rufus is primarily a Windows application and currently, it supports 64 or 32 bit Windows XP/7/8/10 only. This means that you can not use Rufus on the normal Mac computers. If you need to run Rufus on a Mac, then it will be imperative for the computer to have a dual boot Windows installed on Mac. However, this is not an easy task at all.

To those in the dark, this simply means that you will need to have a Windows Operating system installed in your Mac computer. However, if you didn’t want to have two operating systems running on the same machine so that you can access Rufus, there are quite a number of alternatives you can use to achieve the same functionalities of Rufus on Mac.

Rufus for Mac Alternative 1: UUByte ISO Editor

UUByte ISO Editor is by far one of the best ISO toolkits for those who want a seamless process in creating, burning, extracting and editing ISO images. Unlike Rufus, it has both Windows and Mac versions so you don’t have to worry about not having Rufus for Mac or the need to install two operating systems in your Mac.rufus for mac

This ISO editor can effortlessly burn ISO image to DVD, CD or USB which you can then go ahead and use as a bootable disc for new installation. The tool is also versatile enough to create an ISO archive from folders or external sources, in addition to extracting or mounting ISO files to Mac or Windows computers. With over 220,000 users worldwide, it is a clear winner among the ISO toolkits available in the market today.

Why Choose UUByte ISO Editor

  • Full ISO toolkit for Windows and Mac.
  • Easily create bootable USB or DVD from Windows ISO.
  • 5X faster burning speed.
  • Excellent customer support.

How to burn ISO to USB on Mac using UUByte ISO Editor

Please download UUByte ISO Editor for Mac and install the app. Then drag and drop the app icon to Application folder so you can open the app from Launchpad. After that, insert a USB stick and click “Burn” button at the first screen. Now import Windows ISO to the program and start burning ISO to USB by clicking “Burn” button at the bottom of the Window. Finally, wait for 10 minutes to get the job done.

Rufus for Mac Alternative 2: UNetbootin

Universal Netboot Installer Unetbootin, is another cross-platform utility toolkit that makes a great alternative to Rufus on Mac. It has the ability to load and install various Linux distros on Mac. It is easy to use and supports a myriad of platforms. All you have to do is select an ISO file or the specific distribution you want to download and then simply choose the target drive. It also comes with a nice GUI, which further adds to the user experience during use

Rufus Download Bootable USB

Rufus Download is a free application that could use to format and create bootable USB flash drives like pendrives, USB keys etc. Especially, it can be used for some helpful situations such as make a bootable device to install Windows, Linux, Ubuntu and more from ISO, work on a system that hasn’t installed an OS, flash a BIOS or any other firmware on DOS, work on a short level utility. This is one of the best utility that is eligible to use for these factors and also it totally free to download.

Doesn’t matter the small size of the Rufus download bootable USB utility, this will supply you everything that you want. Rufus download for Windows, Mac is faster than all the similar software such as Windows 7 USB download tool, Universal USB Installer or UNetbootin which use to create bootable drive from ISO. Rufus won’t ask you for installation process, so you can run the program

Significant of Rufus Bootable tool

Think if you have an ISO Image then you need to burn DVD or CD. This won’t be helpful if your computer does not have a CD/ DVD drive or it does not work. USB keys, flash drives are easy to carry and there’s a less percentage to be damaged and also faster than disks. Another important option on this boot drive creator, does not ask for any installation progress. Simply, once you downloaded the software on your Mac or Windows computer, you can launch your program without installation.

After you connect your flash drive to the PC, Rufus will detect the device and it will let you start the boot procedure and that’s why we called it easy to use. As we mentioned earlier, Rufus download bootable drive is the fastest tool that has created ever. We had to found that another popular boot drive maker, UNetbootin is about 25% slower than Rufus boot drive creator.


  • Support Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Able to download Linux ISO within the program.
  • Easily create ISO image from files or folders.


  • Non-native user interface.
  • Lower success rate on new USB drives.
  • Lack support for CD or DVD.


  • A Mac or computer which is running Windows XP or later
  • Download the Rufus usb installer
  • The ISO file that you wish to install
  • A flash drive which has the minimum capacity of 8GB

How to Begin

If you’re having these requirements on you, then let’s begin the procedure of bootable USB creates using the Rufus portable utility.

  •  Download the latest version of Rufus on your Windows computer or Mac
  • Connect the USB flash drive that you want to create the boot file
  • If there are any important files in the USB drive, copy them to your PC or Mac because Rufus will erase all the data on your USB drive
  • Open Rufus Download bootable USB application then select your USB drive from the drop-down in “Device”. Usually, it will show as the name of “No_Label”
  • Put a tick to the “Create a bootable disk,” and then select “ISO Image” from the dropdown menu
  • Then select the ISO Image on your PC that you’re planning to use with Rufus Download
  • Finally, click on “Start” button and then press “OK” to confirm that you want to erase all data and create a boot drive
  • Once after the Rufus finished the progress, your flash drive or USB drive is ready to use

Rufus 3.18.1876 changelog

  • Hebrew translation has been added with the help of פלוני אלמוני and NSBuilder
  • New cheat mode to set up an ISO from the first optical media found]
  • Ability to enable NTFS selection for Syslinux 6.x
  • Enable target system selection for Windows
  • Fix the issue of License display for RTL languages
  • Additional improvements and fixes

How to Use Rufus for Mac

Follow the step by step procedures to download and use Rufus for Mac:

  • First, you have to launch Rufus on your Mac computer along with Windows operating system that installed on your system.
  • Then you have to insert a 4 GB USB flash drive on your PC and Select the device from the interface of Rufus.
  • If you want to use Rufus on your Mac, first you need to have a permission of admin to do the changes in your system hardware.
  • Now it will specify the partition scheme like a file systemcluster size and format options according to the drive.
  • Here you have to Browse and choose all the ISO images that stored on your Mac PC.
  • Then it will automatically modify all the best ISO image on your device as soon as you make a click on the Start button to start the process.
  • Once after you initiate the process the app will send you a warning message as UFD data will be destroyed, make a Click on ok to proceed.
  • Then the processing time may get differ, and it depends on the ISO image size.
  •  In the central part of the procedure it will copy the file portion, and it is the final step of the procedure.
  • After few minutes just make a double-click on the external drive to check that all the files are copied or not.


Rufus for Mac this tool is supported with many languages in addition to English. In the new update, the developers have been added the Hebrew translation support. We highly recommend you to use Rufus download bootable USB creator for your needs because of the reasons that we’ve mentioned in here.