Spreadsheet for Mac 16.41 Catalina Download Full Free New Version

Spreadsheet for Mac 16.41 Catalina Download Full Free New Version

Free Spreadsheet Software for Mac 16.41  2020

Spreadsheet For Mac 16.41 we are listing some of the best free Spreadsheet software for Mac users. Spreadsheet Apps are one of the productivity tools that help to track and save everything online. By entering the appropriate mathematical functions into cells, you can turn a simple spreadsheet into an accounting page. It helps you to manage complex data like earnings, expenses, budgets and other accounting.

spreadsheet for mac free download
spreadsheet for mac free download

Free Spreadsheet Software for Mac 2020

There are a lot of Spreadsheet Apps available for Mac. Which are the best? Here we go with the top Free Spreadsheet software for Mac Users.

Microsoft Excel 2011 for Mac

You might have used Microsoft Office for making your presentations, writing Word documents, and managing data through spreadsheets.

This is by far the best and most reliable app which will help you to keep track of your data, save it, and will also easily allow it to share with other people online.

Create tables with different colors and icons so that they can easily distinguish between different columns. Add Borders to your sheet to make them look more awesome.

You can find different filters in the 2011 Excel app for Mac. If you are managing huge amounts of data, try the Sparklines feature which will create charts of your data in the size of thumbnails and you can easily check out the volumes.

Excel 2011 comes with the Pivot Tables feature which will help you to include large amounts into small chunks thus making it easy to summarize.

Use the Excel Web App to share your files with your friends and family members and also access them from anywhere.

Numbers – Spreadsheet App for Mac

Numbers lets you build beautiful spreadsheets on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone or on a PC using iWork for iCloud. it’s a part of the iWork office suite developed by Apple.

Choose from a variety of great-looking templates, easy-to-create formulas, and dynamic tables and charts, spreadsheets in Numbers make perfect sense.

If you want to make your Maths assignments use Numbers because you can easily write down the formulas. Create 2D and 3D charts to make your data look more organized and presentable.

numbers for mac download

Creating Tables is easy and fun using Numbers. You can create multiple tables at a time and resize them as per your demands.

Choose from a variety of different Footers and Headers available to add to your spreadsheets. Tables can be easily categorized so that a large amount of data is easily understandable.

Use the Template Chooser to find the best templates that can match your spreadsheets. There are 30 different templates designed by Apple which you can use in your spreadsheets. – Numbers for Mac

Apple’s Numbers is one of the popular Spreadsheet Apps for Mac users. With Numbers, you can create beautiful spreadsheets that include impressive charts, tables, and images. And now with the beta release of new collaboration features, your team can work together in real-time on a Mac, iPad, or iPhone — even on a PC using iWork for iCloud.

Like all other advanced collaboration tools, when your collaborators make changes, like revising a cell or adding a table, you can watch as it happens. You can see who you’re working with on the same Spreadsheet.


Quip is one of my favourite online collaboration tool that simplifies your life and helps your team get work done faster. One of the highlights I love on Quip is we can easily import documents from Evernote, Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, etc. Like similar apps, you can create blank Spreadsheets with the help of Quip.


Apache OpenOffice comes next into our list. The current OpenOffice supports Apple MacOS X version 10.7 (Lion) – 10.10 (Yosemite).

Apache OpenOffice included 6 suites like Word Processor, Spreadsheets, Presentations, Graphics, Database Manipulation, and Mathematical Equations.openoffice for mac

Microsoft Excel

Office Online combines commonly used Office features and real-time co-authoring capabilities so teams at work and school can collaborate on Spreadsheets easily. You can view, edit, or create spreadsheets from anywhere on ay device. You can try Microsoft Excel 2016 for free.microsoft excel for mac

Tables Spreadsheet App

Another easy way of creating your spreadsheets is by using Tables. Tables are a spreadsheet app for Mac which will help you to organize your data, do calculations, and also make comparisons.

If you are an accountant or are managing data, you can use the inbuilt formulas for performing basic calculations like multiply, sum, etc.

There are 120 different functions that you can use in this app for making out calculations. You can represent tables in many different views, also represent your tables according to dates, amount, or percentage rates.

You can also format the data as per the currency in which you want to display it. Format your data to make it look more beautiful by choosing different styles, colors, fonts, etc.

If you want to create invoices for your company you can add your company logo to it or any other images to make it look more appealing.

You can even add Charts or PDF documents to your spreadsheets. Add up borders and shadows to the images to make them look more attractive than ever. There are different styles which are present in Tables.

Choose these styles as per your requirements. You can try the 30 days free trial of tables and if you want to continue using this software you can buy the premium version of it. – Tables for Mac


Calc is the free spreadsheet program from LibreOffice. Styles and direct formatting makes it easy to apply flexible cell formatting options, including freely rotating contents, templates, backgrounds, borders and much more. Calc is absolutely free to use and easy to use.

Calc is the spreadsheet app that will meet all your demands. If you are a beginner you will find it easy to use and user friendly and if you are a professional you would be happy to see a variety of features that come with this app.

Calc comes with Advanced Database Technology which will help you to extract data from corporate databases, then you can cross-tabulate it and once you have summarized it you can convert that data into meaningful content.

You can find different templates from the LibreOffice template gallery and if you loved any of the templates present there you can download and add them to your spreadsheets.

Easily format cells as per your preferences and you can also change the color of the text, change font size, etc. – Calc for Mac

Mesa Spreadsheet App for Mac

Create your spreadsheets easily on Mac using Mesa. If you are using any other program for creating your spreadsheets and if you want to use Mesa now, you can use the export features to transfer all your precious files to Mesa.

No formulas or any other data will be lost while you are exporting data. Create charts and reports once you have completed your calculations. Mail them to your contacts using the Mail feature.

You can even create graphical reports with the help of the reports manager. Mesa comes with a lot of different shortcuts which will help you to customize the app and also speed up the entire process. – Mesa for Mac