Sticky Notes 4.9.5 for Mac Pro Full Version Free Download {UPDATED} 2022

Sticky Notes 4.9.5 for Mac Pro Full Version Free Download {UPDATED} 2022

How to Access Sticky Notes 4.9.5 on iPhone, Android, and Mac Download 2022

Sticky Notes for Mac has been a part of the Windows operating system for years. It’s a useful utility, lets you pin quick thoughts and notes on the desktop. In 2018, Microsoft delivered the much-needed makeover to Sticky Notes with sync capabilities, file attachment, and a complete redesign. At the same time, the company made sure the users get to access Sticky Notes on rival OS, including Android, iOS, and Mac.

The added syncing function is useless if you can’t access or create Sticky Notes on Android, iOS, or web. To counter the problem, Microsoft has making Sticky Notes available on iOS and Android via other apps and on Mac using the Outlook platform. The company is also leveraging the Microsoft Launcher app on Android for deep integration of Stick Notes.

In this post, we are going to talk about how to access Sticky Notes on Mac, iOS, and Android. It’s not as straight forward as downloading the app from the App Store or the Play Store. Let’s get started.

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From Outlook App

Apple does provide a capable alternative called Stickies on the macOS. But it’s basic, doesn’t have syncing and it’s only available on the Mac. There is no way to access them on other platforms. Enter Sticky Notes.

There are two ways to use Sticky Notes on the Mac. Microsoft is using the Outlook app for Sticky Notes integration. Follow the steps below.

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  • Open the Mac App Store and download the Outlook Email app.
  • Open Outlook Mail and sign in using the Microsoft account credentials.
  • After the successful login, move to the bottom menu bar.
  • Here, you will see the mail, contacts, calendar, tasks, and notes.
  •  Tap on the notes icon and it will open the sticky notes menu in the app.

Click on the notes to view or edit them. To create a new note, go to File > New Note or use the ‘Command + N’ keyboard shortcut to compose a note. Add a title and content to it and hit Command + S shortcut to save the note. You can view and arrange the notes via dates.


In recent years, Microsoft has radically improved the Outlook web functionalities. From a single place, you can access the major Microsoft services such as Mail, Calendar, To-Do, Contacts, Skype, and more.

As it’s dependable on the web, the trick lets you access Sticky Notes on Chrome OS and Linux too. Follow the steps below to access Sticky Notes on the Outlook web.

sticky notes macos mojave

  • Open any web browser and navigate to
  • Login using Microsoft account credentials and it will take you to the default mail page.
  •  From the Outlook Mail, go to Folders > Notes.
  • Here, you will see the Sticky Notes list.
  • Tap on the notes to add content, change color, or even delete it.
  • To create a new note, navigate to the upper left corner and select ‘New Note’ option.

Using Sticky Notes from the Outlook web is a much better experience than the standard Outlook app from the Mac Store.


Here is where it gets confusing. Unlike on desktop, you can’t access Sticky Notes from the Outlook app on the iPhone. Instead, the company has integrated Sticky Notes with the OneNote app for the mobile.

  •  Download the OneNote app from the App Store.
  • Sign in using Microsoft account and synchronize the notebooks.
  • Here, you will see the separate Notes section at the bottom.
  • Select it and here you will see all the Sticky Notes in it.

Users can create new notes, change color, format the notes using the default editing options, and more.

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There are two ways to use Sticky Notes on the Android operating system. You can either use the OneNote app or opt for the Microsoft Launcher to access Sticky Notes on Android. Speaking of Microsoft Launcher, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Play Store and download the Microsoft Launcher app.
  • Set the launcher as the default on Android from the device settings.
  •  Swipe left on the Microsoft Launcher and sign in using the Microsoft account credentials.
  • Go to the Glance tab, and here you will see the Notes widget in the menu.

The notes widget will synchronize the notes from the Sticky Notes app. You can create and edit the existing notes from the same widget.

Alternatively, you can use the OneNote Android app to get Sticky Notes on the Android OS. The steps for it are identical to its iOS counterpart.


As you can see from the steps above, a user can access Sticky Notes on all the platforms, including Mac, Android, iOS, and web. It’s useful for those living in a cross-platform ecosystem. I mostly use it to jot down quick thoughts on my iPhone and Windows laptop. What about you? Sound off in the comments section below.

Next up: Sticky Notes now working for you on Windows 10? Use the tricks below to fix the issue.


Sticky Notes for Mac has been included in Mac computers for years, including OS X Yosemite. These virtual sticky notes can be a handy way to remind yourself of upcoming tasks, provide hints for your website passwords, or anything other reason you might use a paper sticky note. There’s no “Save” command on the Stickies app. Anything you add is saved automatically, as is the layout, so when you open Stickies the next time, all your notes are exactly the same as you left them.