The Certificate for This Server is Invalid Mac updated 2022

The Certificate for This Server is Invalid Mac updated 2022

How To Fix ‘The Certificate For This Server Is Invalid’ On Mac 2022

‘The certificate for this server is invalid. You might be connecting to a server that is pretending to be ‘.’ which could put your confidential information at risk.’ If you are also receiving this error message, this guide is meant for you. Many users get this error when they are trying to access iTunes Store, App Store, Mail app or a website. Before we explain you the fixes, let us understand the meaning of the error ‘The certificate is invalid’ and the reason for its appearance on the screen

the certificate for this server is invalid itunes mac

What is a certificate?

A secure website that encrypts data needs to obtain a site or host certificate from a trusted certification authority (CA) to verify that the site is indeed secure. These security certificates are part of the HTTPS  (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) protocol, designed to encrypt all data that travels back and forth between a server and a user’s browser.

Basically, a certificate ensures that your data is indeed encrypted so any information you provide is kept private.

These errors indicate that a website or server is not trustworthy, so never enter any private, confidential, or sensitive personal information if you see these types of certificate errors.

What are certificate errors like the certificate for this server is invalid?

You find certificate errors when there’s an issue with a site’s or server’s use of a certificate. 

One of the most common reasons for certificate errors is when your device’s or computer’s date & time are incorrect

Luckily, this is an easy fix.

Check your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch’s date and time by going to Settings > General > Date & Time. we recommend toggling on Set Automatically instead of entering manually.

Turn on ‘Set Automatically’ and select your Time Zone.

For Macs, go to System Preferences > Date & Time and tick the box for Set date and time automatically.

Wait it out and visit site or app later

If you continue to see the error after updating the date & time, it’s possible the certificate has expired and needs renewal.

Do not continue with the site until the certificate warning is gone.

Since this is a problem with the server or website, there is nothing you can do other than wait for the certificate to renew.

the certificate for this server is invalid mac mail

Toggle off or reset Safari’s Fraudulent Website Warning

If you’re confident that the site is secure or it’s your own site/blog, you can toggle off Safari’s warnings.

When you turn on Fraudulent Website Warning, Safari displays a warning if a site is suspected of phishing or other fraudulent behavior. When browsing with this feature on, Safari might verify the site address with Google Safe Browsing to ensure it’s not fraudulent.

While we don’t recommend it, you can disable Fraudulent Website Warnings in Safari by going to Settings > Safari, then toggling the Fraudulent Website Warning off.

A better option is to reset it!

  1. On your device, go to Settings > Safari > toggle off the Fraudulent Website Warning 
  2. Restart your device
  3. Return to those same settings and toggle the Fraudulent Website Warning back on
  4. Test the site or app again

Seeing this certificate for this server is invalid error on a Mac?

Check if a certificate is valid using Keychain Access

Use your Mac’s Certificate Assistant in Keychain Access to evaluate a certificate by looking at its trust policy and determine if it is valid.

  1. Open Keychain Access from your Mac’s Applications > Utilities folder
  2. Choose Certificates in the Category list
  3. Double-click the certificate you wish to evaluate
  4. Go to the top menu and choose Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Evaluate certificate name
  5. Select a trust policy
  6. Click Continue

How To Fix ‘ The Certificate For This Server Is Invalid ’ On Mac?

Part 1: What Does It Mean When It Says The Certificate For This Server Is Invalid

The website which maintains security issues and encrypts users’ data needs to obtain a host certificate from a Certification Authority (CA). For example, HTTPS or HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure is designed to keep the information encrypted between the user and the server.

As the certificate makes sure that your data remain encrypted and your information will not be leaked, the error ‘The certificate for this server is invalid’ denotes that the website you are trying to visit cannot be trusted. These errors could be seen on the iPhone, iPad or iPod as well as Mac. However, these errors could be dealt with some easy fixes we are discussing below.

Part 2: Super-Quick Fixes For iPhone, iPad or iPod

  • Try restarting the device as some minor issues may pop up with the error ‘The certificate for this server is invalid’. Restarting the device is the best way to clear out any such error.
  • Force close the app or browser and launch it once again.
  • Reset your iPhone’s settings by opening the Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings. Enter your passcode to authorize the same.

If these quick settings are not helping you to free from the error, follow the detailed guide by scrolling down.

Part 3: Detailed Fixes For ‘The Certificate For This Server Is Invalid’

3.1 Automate Date & Time

This error is likely to appear if your device doesn’t have the correct date and time setting. Luckily, the fix is pretty easy.

On iPhone, iPad or iPad: Go to Settings > General > Date & Time. Here, toggle on the switch of ‘Set Automatically’

To repeat the same for Mac: Go to System Preferences > Date & Time. Here, make sure that the checkbox beside ‘Set date and time automatically’ is marked.

Once done, you can restart the device and find if the error ‘The certificate for this server is invalid’ persists.

3.2 Open The Website Or App After Sometime

There is a chance that the app or website is undergoing the certification renewal process after the expiry. It is best if you give it some time and come back later, but it is recommended that you don’t continue accessing the site if a potential warning is being displayed on the screen.

3.3 Turn Off ‘Fraudulent Website Warning.’

This step may prove to be risky for the health of your device, and we do not recommend it because potential phishing attempts or malware intrusion can take place. So before you take the step, learn about the best anti-malware apps for iPhone for your phone’s and its data security.

On iPhone or iPad: Go to Settings > Safari > Toggle off the switch of ‘Fraudulent website warning’. 

You can even choose to reset these settings, Toggle off the switch next to ‘Fraudulent website warning’ > Restart the device > Toggle on the switch. And try out if the app or website is still giving the error message.

3.4 Disable Mac Firewall

Although we are aware of Mac’s security system and enabling the firewall is always a recommended option, you can try removing the error message by disabling the firewall. Many users have successfully resolved it by removing the firewall restrictions of Mac.

Part 4: How to Check Validity Of A Certificate (On Mac)?

Apple provides you with Keychain Access to find out if the certificate is valid or trustable. For this,

  • Go to Applications > Utilities on your Mac.
  • Open Keychain Access > Certificates from the category list.
  • Select the certificate you wish to evaluate. Now go to top menu and select Keychain Access > Certificate Assistant > Evaluate <certificate name>
  • Select the policy and click Continue.


We are sure that your issue of ‘The Certificate For This Server Is Invalid’ must be resolved by now. Many users have reported that automation of date and time and disabling of firewalls have sorted out the issue very quickly. We would like to know which one has worked for you in the comments section below. If we could help you resolve this issue, give us an upvote and drop your suggestions.