vMix for Mac Catalina Download with Crack Free New Version 2022

vMix for Mac Catalina Download with Crack Free New Version 2022

vMix for Mac Catalina with Full Crack 

vMix for Mac can be installed on a Mac via Boot Camp. Boot Camp allows installing Windows to a separate partition on the system. vMix is able to provide high performance HD video mixing by utilising Direct3D. Direct3D is exclusively available for Windows and as a result an OSX version of vMix is not being developed.

Download vMix Latest Version for Windows & Mac

Have you ever heard vMix software? Have you ever used the software already? If not, now you have just made the right decision by visiting this page. vMix is a software vision mixer designed to allow you to control the mixing, switching and recording as well as live streaming of video files, audio, cameras and many more.


This software is developed by StudioCoast PTY LTD and available for Windows and Mac operating system. If you want a simple description, this software comes to provide you with the ability to manage the mixing and other activities dealing with audio and video making which is involving the use of cameras, too.

vMix Features

vMix for Mac software has more to offer including the features and specifications so that the software will be fully functioned as it is supposed to. Now you may refer to the following review.

Multiple Editions Availability

The first feature dealing with software capability is the multiple editions availability. The current editions include Basic, Basic HD, SD, 4K and Pro. In this case, you are able to upgrade the one edition to another edition. However, you can’t get each of the edition for free which means you have to purchase it.

If you are smart enough to look for the free edition, you can actually find it for one first year. This means that if you want to re-subscribe the software, you have to purchase it.

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vMix Call Capability

The second feature you can optimize is the software capability of vMix call. This is the first time for the software to release the edition completed with the built-in video conferencing. Thus, this video conferencing means you can able to make a vMix call easily.

Support Any Format

It is also best described that this software provides enough support for any audio and video formats. Image formats files are also available in this software. Thus, you can create independent formats.


Multi-Corder is another feature you have to optimize. Dealing with the optimum usage of vMix, multi-Corder tool enables you to record using the multiple camera inputs to a connected drive. This tool is also great to record for a raw camera apart from the final mix resulted from the software.

GT Title Designer

Featuring GT Title designer, vMix provides an advanced title editor involving the version 21 starting up. This way, this feature enables the software to add animations and more complex functions than the classic application of Title Designer. This means you are enabled to produce a more interesting video by adding the animations and more other functions which you may not find from the other software.

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Multiple Formats

The last but not least feature of vMix dealing with the software capability is the multiple formats. The multiple formats supported by this software include h.264 MP4 and vMix Video Codec. The increased speed of the format is good to enable the efficiency of the software.

vMix Pro: maybe a Software Video Mixer and Switcher that utilizes the first recent advances in hardware to supply live HD video mixing, a task previously only possible on your expensive dedicated hardware mixers. With full vMix, Pro also functions as a live streaming application that permits you to publish your live productions on to the web. vMix runs on Windows 8, Windows 7, and Windows 10 platforms.

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vMix Pro could even be a whole live video production software solution with features including LIVE mixing, switching, recording, and LIVE to the stream of SD, full HD, & 4K video sources, including cameras, video files, DVDs, images, Powerpoint and far far more. As vMix 23 key’s a software solution, we’ve enabled users to form their custom computers at a fraction of the price of traditional live production equipment. We’ve created vMix Pro 23 Crack reference Systems, which may allow you to form a vMix Serial Key PC with specifications to match your production needs. We even have an inventory of obtainable system builders, which may create a system for you!

vMix Pro Key Features

  • Virtual Camera support for your streaming bent 3rd party software like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, & VLC.
    Live stream to favourite streaming providers, including Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and Ustream.
  • Virtual Camera support for your streaming bent 3rd party software like Skype, Zoom, Google Hangouts, and VLC.
  • vMix Pro Crack is that the leading robust live production software on the market thanks to full 3D acceleration.
  • The most comfortable due to adding guests to your live show is made right into vMix HD, 4K, & Pro editions.
  • vMix Full Crack call allows anybody alongside your browser and webcam to become a flash guest!
  • Easily add and edit a Title & ScoreBoard from the numerous inbuilt templates or build own using any Graphics & Vector editing software.
  • Save multiple Video Clips of your notable events for playback at a later time.
  • Natively supports browser audio & HTML 5 video playback!
  • No need for an additional computer to inaugurate a browser, appear the hay during vMix.
  • Display a web site directly in vMix.
  • A VU Meter is additionally included with a peaking display to make sure the extent of each input is broadcast ready.
  • vMix Cracks allow us to send & receive NDI sources to the other NDI compatible device.
  • Connect vMix to your favourite NDI program or a tool like Caspar CG, NewBlue Titler, Adobe CC, and far more.
  • vMix Pro 23 Cracked includes now 4 Overlay Channels additionally to the Multi View feature. Each overlay channel can have its transition effect, position, & border.
  • Control vMix remotely using your vMix Web Controller on your Surface, iPad, iPhone, Android, or other touch screen device using the inbuilt web interface.
  • Import/export correction presets to use in other productions
  • Lift/Gamma/Gain/Hue/Saturation controls with industry-standard wheels and bars
  • Professional correction on every input

What’s New in vMix 

  • GT – Easy to use, animated graphics, high-performance
  • vMix Video Codec
  • MultiCorder (4K and Pro editions)
  • Virtual PTZ (4K and Pro editions)
  • under the input.
  • New MultiView Output layout options.
  • Live Pause (Freeze Frame) Camera, NDI & Desktop Capture inputs by clicking your pause icon
  • Updated NDI support to your latest 3.8 SDK
  • Added support for resizable VST3 plugins.
  • Vimeo streaming provider supports selecting a previous setup event to stream to.

System Requirements

  • Operating System. Windows 7 or higher &Windows 10
  • Processor. 2Ghz Dual-Core Processor & Intel Core i7 Processor 3Ghz+
  • Memory. 1GB DDR2 and 8GB DDR3
  • Hard Drive. 7200 RPM disk drive (for recordings) & Solid State Disk
  • Graphics Card. DirectX 10 Compatible & Dedicated Nvidia Card with 1GB Memory
  • Screen Resolution. 1280×720 & 1920×1080

Allowing permissions for vMix Desktop Capture for Mac to access your Screen

When opening the vMix Desktop Capture for Mac for the first time, it will prompt you for permission to “Record this computer’s screen” which must be enabled in order for it to work. Clicking “Deny” will result in the vMix Desktop Capture app sending a blank NDI feed to vMix.
Download the vMix Desktop Capture for Mac app
Unzip the zip file and place the app wherever you prefer. Then double click to run.
After running for the first time, you will see a couple of permission related prompts. The first prompt will ask for access to your microphone. Press OK to allow permission: By default desktop capture from a mac will send the system’s default microphone. In order to send the Mac system audio, a 3rd party app needs to be used.
You will then see a window asking permission for vMix Desktop Capture to record this computer’s screen. Click the Open System Preferences button to enable this option:
A new window will appear. Tick the checkbox next to vMixDesktopCapture to enable. If the vMix Desktop Capture app is still open, it will prompt you to quit the app to proceed with these changes. Click the Quit Now button. This privacy setting should now be ticked. Close this window and then re-open the vMix Desktop Capture for Mac app to continue.
You can manually enable this permission setting, by doing the following:
  1. Open System Preferences.
  2. Select the Security & Privacy option.
  3. In the window that appears, click the Privacy tab.
  4. In the left sidebar, scroll down and select the Screen Recording option.
  5. Tick the checkbox next to vMixDesktopCapture to enable.


  • SRT – Secure Reliable Transport is a point to point protocol for fixed latency streams of an unreliable internet.
  • vMix supports multiple inputs (Stream Input) and up to 4 Outputs in vMix 4K and Pro (1 output in all other editions).
  • GPU acceleration where possible for H264 and HEVC streams. 2 Stream PC encode limit applies to GeForce cards, CPU fallback available where not available on the GPU.

More Audio Buses

  • A-B audio buses expanded to A-G for a total of 14 channels of audio (7x 2 channel pairs)
  • Audio buses can be routed to Master to use as groups by selecting the new M button in the audio mixer.
  • SRT supports up to 8 channels audio in or out. Magewell, AJA and Blackmagic devices support up to 8.
  • vMix AVI supports full 16 channel audio recording (Master + ABCDEFG)

Mix Input (4K and Pro only)

  • Add a “mini mixer” input to vMix with a dedicated Preview/Output bus, Cut and Transition button.
  • Existing shortcuts can be used with the new Mix dropdown option to select from 1-4 where 1= main mix, 2 = first mix input and so on.
  • Mix inputs support ‘re-entry’ and can be used as Input MultiView sources without any additional latency.

vMix Media Converter

  • Bulk transcoding utility to convert vMix AVI into ProRes compatible MOV files for use in video editors such as Final Cut Pro and Davinci Resolve

GT Text Bounding

  • Link rectangles, images and other GT elements to Text fields set to auto width and/or height.
  • This allows elements to match the size of the text with an optional padding value on each side..


  • Updated NDI support to latest 4.1 SDK
  • Includes updates to MultiCorder to support recording NDI sources directly to MOV without recompresion.


  • Add option to select either Output 1 or Output 2 for each stream through the Streaming Quality window.
  • Facebook can now be used alongside other destinations due to Facebook policy change
  • Added Mixer and Lightcast streaming providers to Destination dropdown
  • Added Unselect All option when opening a preset.
  • Facebook scheduled streams can now be selected and created from within vMix
  • Improved codec support for video playback including NDI MOV files with alpha channel
  • Web Controller authentication support allows setting a password for each page
  • Added ability to select a Row for each text field now in Data Sources
  • Added 2x zoom option to Vectorscope
  • Updated Web Browser input to V77 of Chrome. Older versions still selectable from dropdown for compatibility.

Download vMix Latest Version [Windows & Mac]

  • Full vMix Registration Key offers Hardware choices for your live manifestations. The vMix Go could even be a light-weight live change and stacking course of action which empowers you to accompany eight observation cameras. The vMix Professional thunder offers to commitments as your PC concentrated live headway game plan.
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  • Last but not least, the tool you offer support for your smartphones & Arduino-based tally light, locked buttons, keyboard shortcuts, also as video mixing effects (e.g., crossfade, 3D zoom, wipe and cut effects). Video filters (e.g., colour correction, black and white level adjustments, deinterlace, sharpen, zooming, and cropping options).


Overall, controlling the mixing, switching, recording and live streaming definitely need software like vMix. If you want to manage them all, then you must consider installing the software.