WMV Player for Mac 1.0 Catalina Download Full Free Version {UPDATED} 2022

WMV Player for Mac 1.0 Catalina Download Full Free Version {UPDATED} 2022

WMV 1.0 Player for Mac Catalina Download 2022

WMV Player for Mac 1.0  is a common video format to store video on Windows, we need to play a WMV on Mac sometimes. Actually, it is not a big problem anymore to watch WMV on Mac, here we collect top 8 WMV Player for Mac that enjoys large popular on the market, they are all free but some with the extended feature to manage your WMV files on Mac.

WMV, with the full name of Windows Media Video, is a video format developed by Microsoft to rival RealVideo. It applies ASF(Advanced Systems Format) to contain the media contents, while ASF supports digital rights management for high protection.

wmv player for mac free download

Advantages of WMV 1.0 

  • Web-friendly due to small size
  • Smooth play for the fast uploading
  • Highly compatible on Windows and work perfectly with Microsoft Office programs, no matter it is the latest version or older version

Disadvantages of WMV

  • Quality loss due to compression
  • Not compatible on non-Windows platform/program/device
  • Digital rights management brings the issue of “unplayable” WMV

Best Free 8 WMV Player for Mac 1.0 (2020)

Here basing on the following evaluation criteria, we collect a list of best 8 WMV player for Mac users:

  • User-friendly interface
  • 100% free to play WMV on mac
  • Responsiveness
  • Video quality
  • Features

Cisdem Video Player (Free~$9.99)

The reason why Cisdem WMV Player for Mac comes onto the top of our recommendation list is mainly due to its universal positive recognition from different authorized platforms attributing to its outstanding performance, which has been verified in our tests.

wmv player for mac catalina


  1. Neat and user-friendly interface
  2. Fast video uploading and playing
  3. Preserve original video quality (4K/5K/HD, etc)
  4. Full support of different video and audio formats
  5. Multi-functional: convert videos, take screenshot, add subtitles, zoom, etc.


  1. Only available on Mac
  2. Only 3 conversions are available

Cisdem Video Player is a mac program allowing users to play all types of videos and audios for 100% free. One thing makes Cisdem outperform its competitors is its seamless working immediately after users upload a video or operate within this program, there is no buffering or crashes.

Also, Cisdem Video Player allows free video conversion, though there is a file quantity limit (3 files), users can choose to get its advanced version priced at $9.99, to enjoy its full conversion features. It supports different output format for various platforms and devices.

VLC Media Player

Here comes another free WMV player for Mac that is highly-rated—VLC WMV Player, it is developed by VideoLAN, a non-profit organization. This program can be utilized for totally free. If you want to extent your thanks for their help, you can donate $5.00 as support.apple wmv player for mac


  1. Cross-platform: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Unix, iOS, Android
  2. Fast uploading to play WMV on mac
  3. Full support of DVDs, CDs, VCDs and other streaming protocols
  4. Adjust playback speed and tweak subtitles settings


  1. Takes large capacity on mac
  2. Smaller buttons
  3. The Convert/Stream feature doesn’t work

Regarding supported video input, VLC WMV player has its advantages to play most multimedia files, such as DVDs, CDs, VCDs and streaming protocols. Also, it builds a strong presence on different platforms. As for its interface, all the accommodated buttons are too smaller to click on. In addition, some of its features are ineffective, for example, when I choose to “Convert/Stream”, nothing happens, even there is no message prompt to install its extensions or any other.



  1. Available on Windows and MacOS
  2. Support AirPlay
  3. Directly open from DVD Disc
  4. Download Youtube Video/Audio and support conversion
  5. Rotate videos
  6. Build-in radio player


  1. Video quality sacrifice a little
  2. Take large space on mac
  3. Not versatile to support all types of video and audio

5KPlayer comes with an interface of 2-tab: 5KPlayer and Library. The videos will be played under the 5KPlayer interface, in the “Library” interface, users can mange their videos and audios, even past a URL to download Youtube media files, then save as its supported formats. Yet, failures to download the media files online just repeat.

When speaking of user experience, it falls short of our expectations, it responds relatively slowly and the video quality is sacrificed a little.



  1. Modern and user-friendly interface
  2. All the features needed for videos, audios, subtitles, etc. (crop, flip, speed up/down, audio/subtitle delay +/-, )
  3. Full support of various videos and audios
  4. Open from URL


  1. Only support MacOS 10.10+, 10.13 Recommended
  2. The only Beta version is available
  3. Video quality is sacrificed a little

IINA is an open source WMV Player for Mac designed by a 54 contributors from GitHub group, at present, only the Beta version is available. According to the Beta version, it includes all features needed to manage a media file and is still in active development to add more features in its incoming official version.



  1. Support 12 interface languages
  2. Modern and user-friendly interface
  3. Build in a “Playlist” panel


  1. It takes time to finish the installation
  2. No extended feature
  3. It takes longer time to install

The interface is modern in styling and everything lives on the interface makes user feel comfortable. Also, the toolbars under each menu is briefly explained in shorter description. The “Playlist” button on the left bottom allows users to bring up a panel to organize the playlist and their favorites videos.

wmv file player for mac

MPV 1.0 


  1. Open from URL
  2. Quite simple


  1. No extended feature
  2. Auto full screen when add video for playing

MPV is a free cross-platform WMV Player, available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, Android and other platforms with source code open to public. It is extremely simple in function, which matches its focus on working as a good media player. When dragging WMV videos for playing, the program enters into full screen by default.

Elmedia Player


  1. Simple, user-friendly interface
  2. Smooth WMV playback on Mac
  3. Easy playback control and volume control
  4. Support various video and audio formats


  1. Screenshot feature not available for free
  2. Improvement needed for the Open Online Video option

Elmedia Player can work as a decent WMV player for Mac. In addition to WMV, it also supports other popular videos as well as audio formats. It can play videos, including the HD ones, without being slow or choppy. With the bookmark feature, you can resume from where you leave off or mark your favorite parts of a video. Elmedia Player comes with a pro version where you can enjoy advanced features such as taking screenshots and streaming local files to Chromecast, Apple TV, etc.



  1. Open from URL
  2. Mirror/Flip
  3. Speed up/down and audio delay


  1. Cannot launch the program sometimes
  2. Contains ads
  3. Force to install extra software
  4. Installation takes longer time
  5. Auto quit when the video playing comes to the end

This WMV Player for mac allows user to watch videos without lagging. However, it is not that user-friendly. First, it contains ads and you are forced to the bundled software; second, it only allows users to resize the play interface by dragging the border on the right bottom; third, the window is always in the front of any other programs. Even, sometimes, you cannot launch the program and need to drag &drop files to its icon for starting the program.


WMV Player for Mac As we all know that Media Window file (WMV) is a very popular file format which has been designed by Microsoft by itself. And as a matter of fact, this file format is supported by all Windows OS PC’s but not by Mac OS. Because there are lot of files which is having WMV file format, it becomes very important for the Mac users to get a good kind of WMV player for their Mac OS. There are several WMV players available for the Mac users which we are going to list below in this article.

Today, nearly all video players are open to users and it is not an easy job to pick the best free WMV Player for Mac. Right after collecting a list of qualified top players across different app platforms, forums, reviews, etc, we start testing all these candidates and finally come to the list we put in this article, we hope it could be of a help for our users to play WMV videos easily and entertainingly on their mac.