WordPerfect for Mac Catalina Download Full Free New Version 2022

WordPerfect for Mac Catalina Download Full Free New Version 2022

WordPerfect for Mac is one of the oldest word processing apps around although unfortunately WordPerfect for Mac is not available.The only way to open, edit and save WordPerfect documents on macOS is to install Windows on your Mac and run the PC version of WordPerfect.This is actually really easy nowadays thanks to applications like Parallels which make it extremely simple to setup and run Windows on a Mac.Parallels is a virtual environment which allows you to run Windows and macOS at the same times. By using Parallels, you can install Windows on your Mac and then install WordPerfect.

If you need to regularly open and edit WPD documents, this is by far the best option. There are other ways to run Windows on macOS but Parallels is by far the easiest and quickest solution.

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How To Install & Run WordPerfect On Mac

Although there are various tools that allow you to run Windows on a Mac, Parallels is the easiest to use and once setup, you can switch between Windows and macOS instantly at any moment.

Here’s how to run WordPerfect on a Mac.

  • Firstly, follow these instructions to install Windows on your Mac using Parallels. Once installed, Parallels allows you to run Windows only games and apps so you can enjoy the best of both worlds. For more information on what it can do you can find our full review of Parallels here.
  • You then simply need to purchase WordPerfect for Windows to install within Parallels. Nowadays, WordPerfect is sold as a complete office suite, currently called WordPerfect X9. The normal price is $249.99 but you can currently get it on special offer for $219.99.
  • Once downloaded, you can install WordPerfect within Windows on your Mac just as if you were installing it on a PC

Can I Open A WordPerfect Document On Mac?

Yes, there are ways to open WordPerfect documents on a Mac without installing Windows on your Mac using the above method. Applications that can open WPD files include NeoOffice, OpenOffice and Nisus Writer Pro. There are also WordPerfect viewer apps for Mac which can open WPD files although they don’t allow you to edit them.

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However, there are various problems with these solutions. One is that they don’t always preserve the formatting of WordPerfect documents very well. Another problem is that they can also be extremely slow at opening WPD files. Arguably the biggest disadvantage however is that you won’t be able to re-save them in WPD format after you’ve finished. The only way to enjoy all the advantages of WordPerfect is to install Windows on your Mac.

Running WordPerfect On Mac Using WPDOS

There is another way to use WordPerfect on a Mac by using WPDOS. WPDOS is an emulator which wraps WordPerfect in a Windows DOS environment on your Mac.

However, we don’t recommend it because it’s complicated to setup, doesn’t always work well and involves running an application that’s not authorized by Apple to run on the latest versions of macOS including Mojave and Catalina.

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Our advice is to use Parallels or at the very least, another virtual environment to make life as easy as possible.

Why Is There No Version Of WordPerfect For Mac?

WordPerfect was released way back in 1979 and orignally there was a Mac version. However, Corel discontinued it over 20 years ago. The main reason is Corel decided that it wasn’t economically viable to support a Mac version of WordPerfect and poured all its resources into the Windows version. Corel made a similar decision with CorelDRAW for Mac although it recently relaunched it on Mac this year. So who knows, they may eventually do the same with WordPerfect too.

If you have any problems installing and running WordPerfect on your Mac, let us know in the comments below.

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Top WordPerfect Viewer for Mac

“From what I understand a .wpd document is a Word Perfect format. My question is, is there a way to open it on my Mac? Microsoft Office can’t from what I’ve tried. Any suggestions would be wonderful. “

I saw this question from MacRumors, also there are similar questions posted here and there for answers. It seems many people don’t know how to open and view WPD files on Mac. To address this issue, I will list the top 6 WordPerfect viewer for Mac users.

#1. Cisdem Document Reader

One of the top WordPerfect viewers for Mac is Cisdem Document Reader. This particular app has many beneficial features to offer, it is the easiest and the most elegant way to view WPD, WPS, XPS, VISIO, PDF files on your Mac, and to print and save them into PDF for sharing. It has a number of practical features to make sure that you not only will get the best reading experience possible but also can save, share, or work on them.

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Enhanced Reading Experience

With a double click, you can easily open WPD, WPS, XPS, OXPS, VISIO, PDF files in batches on Mac, when reading your file, it levels up your reading experience with the fast rendering engine, so you can browsing large files without lags. Also, Cisdem Document Reader uses different page reading styles with toolbar consisting table of content, page thumbnail, searching pane, page navigation, zoom, rotate, save, etc. You can design this toolbar in the way you prefer.

Extended Features

  • View single or multiple WPS, XPS, OXPS, VISIO, DjVu, PDF, Winmail.dat on mac;
  • Convert WordPerfect or other files to PDF or images, text, rtfd…
  • Extract image from files
  • Search and bookmark
  • Print files, or print files as PDF;

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#2. AbiWord

AbiWord is an open-source word processing software that gives you the freedom to create and share files, as well as view files created in other software. No matter what type of word processor you’re used to, you’ll feel right at home with this visual software. But this WordPerfect viewer for Mac will be crashed several times, in this case, you should be sure to save your files when you’re using this app. Meanwhile, its interface not looks good.

#3. NeoOffice

NeoOffice for Mac offers a suite of productivity apps that design to rival the likes of Microsoft Office and Apple iWork. Using the OpenOffice foundation, this shareware covers nearly all the bases. You can freely open your WPD files from it, but sometimes slow, this could be a problem in personal settings. Another problem is that payment is only via PayPal. Basically NeoOffice forces you to open a PayPal account.

#4. Apache OpenOffice

Apache OpenOffice is both an open-source product and a project. The product is a multiplatform office productivity suite. It also supports view WPD files on Mac. Unfortunately, Apache OpenOffice is unstable and poor tested, existing some messages and glitches, works poorly with other document formats.

#5. WordPerfect Document Viewer

WordPerfect Document Viewer, as the name suggests, is a decent WordPerfect reader that empowers you to open WPD files. Drag-and-drop files into it, or open them directly. This WPD viewer for Mac can also convert WPD to PDF, TXT, and RTF. It’s not a WordPerfect document editor, but you can export WPD to an editable format for further editing.

#6. WPD Wizard

WPD Wizard is another simple WPD viewer that can open WordPerfect files on Mac. It preserves most formatting, such as pagination, text styling, lists. WPD Wizard includes a page browser as well, which has the ability to export to a variety of formats. And a “Find” button allows you to find that perfect clause you wanted to copy out of a huge document. I have tried to use it before, but some functions and purposes still require performance improvement.

Top WordPerfect Viewer for Windows

#1. Microsoft Word(Microsoft Word 2010/2013/2016)

As a powerful word processor, Microsoft Word is also able to open WPD files. If you have installed Microsoft Word on your Windows PC, you can directly view WPD files in Microsoft Office.

  1. Run Microsoft Word on your PC, click File>Open, then click Browse to get the Open dialog.
  2. In the Open dialog box, choose WordPerfect 5.x/6.x
  3. Click the file, then open the WPD file in Word.

#2. Corel WordPerfect Lightning

WordPerfect Lightning is a free WordPerfect Viewer provided by Corel. You just need to download the .exe file and double click to install on your PC. It is easy to use, just follow the wizard to open and view WPD files on your Windows PC. Even, you can use this program to take notes, share your work with others, etc.

Extended: Alternative Solution to Open WPD Document

If you don’t want to install an extra WordPerfect viewer on Mac or Windows, you can convert WPD file to other formats such as PDF (can be opened by Mac Preview), DOC (can be opened by Microsoft Word), etc.

Zamzar.com is a web-based tool that offers conversion of various files including document, CAD, video, audio, image, and eBook. But it has some limitations to the free version. The original WordPerfect document you upload to zamzar.com can’t exceed 150 MB. And it doesn’t guarantee you that the conversion is 100% safe and confidential.

WordPerfect Viewer for Mac

Finally, you can view those WordPerfect email attachments without having to ask a friend to borrow their Windows laptop!

What it Does

WordPerfect Viewer allows you to view documents created with Corel Corporation’s WordPerfect for Mac and Windows; select and copy text from the document; or export the document into formats that can be read and easily exported to other programs. Once you’ve exported your WordPerfect document, you can edit the results in your word processor of choice.

Does WordPerfect Viewer handle international or scientific symbols?

Absolutely. Our conversion is first class, with robust support for international characters, currency symbols, scientific notation, and more.

Does WordPerfect Viewer handle tables?

Absolutely. You can see a sample table in the images at the bottom of this page.

What formats does WordPerfect Viewer export?

  • Rich Text (RTF)
  • Plain Text (TXT)
  • Microsoft Word (DOC, DOCX)
  • Portable Document Format (PDF)

What versions of Mac OS-X does WordPerfect Viewer work with?

Lion, Mountain Lion, Mavericks, Yosemite, El Capitan and beyond.

WordPerfect Viewer is compatible with Mac OS-X 10.7 (Lion), Mac OS-X 10.8 (Mountain Lion), Mac OS-X 10.9 (Mavericks), Max OS-X 10.10 (Yosemite), Mac OS-X 10.11 (El Capitan), and above.

Did you know? The Mac App Store will not let you purchase software that is not compatible with your Operating System.

Does WordPerfect Viewer support password-protected documents?

Yes. WordPerfect Viewer supports password-protected documents created in versions of WordPerfect up until 5.1.

What do the converted documents look like?

WordPerfect Viewer preserves your text and document formatting; however, to aid you in exporting your document to your Mac word processor of choice, WordPerfect Viewer will automatically remove page breaks, metadata, columns, margins, headers and footers. (If these are important to you, you’ll need to use the export function in Corel’s WordPerfect on Windows).

Where can I get it?

The Mac App Store.

WordPerfect Viewer can be purchased exclusively through the Mac App Store. You can find the App Store product page for WordPerfect Viewer right . For more information on the Mac App Store, please see.

Can I return WordPerfect Viewer if I have a problem with it?

Of course.

We don’t believe anyone should be stuck with software that doesn’t work for them. If WordPerfect Viewer doesn’t work for you, for any reason, just send us an email. We’ll be glad to walk you through Apple’s refund process.

Is WordPerfect Viewer supported by Corel?

WordPerfect Viewer is not supported by Corel. WordPerfect Viewer is not endorsed, supported, sanctioned, approved, or manufactured by Corel Corporation or Corel Corporation Limited.


WordPerfect for Mac significant to find a great WordPerfect viewer to save time and effort. A good WordPerfect reader does help you open WPD files rapidly and edict them as your request. From different kinds of WPD viewers. It’s packed with many practical features, which make it work better than other similar software.