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FaceTime for Mac Catalina Full Free Download New Version 2022

FaceTime for Mac Catalina Full Free Download New Version 2022

This extension was created with the awesome FaceTime for Mac 2022

FaceTime for Mac is here. available for windows computer to run facetime in it. facetime is video calling application and very famous platform for apple inc. now its available on windows as well. facetime for windows extension will help you to make facetime video calls from windows 10, 8, 7 etc. you just need to download the extention on google chrome and use it as facetime app. FaceTime is an ultra-advanced app that runs on iPhones, iPads, and other iOS devices.

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The app runs over your cellular data or Wi-Fi network which means that you don’t pay anything to use this service. You can use your iPad, iPhone, or Mac to make a FaceTime call to anyone across the globe who is also using an Apple device. Apple has also made a lot of improvements in FaceTime, and that has made this app even better and smoother than ever. Overall, FaceTime is a free app that lets you call your family and mates across the globe for free. remember it will use your network data so make sure you’re in wifi. video calls are really heavy for 4g connections. This allows your phone to get connected to others via cellular network or Wi-Fi connection. It allows users to make unlimited video calls to their friends, family and business contacts with a supported iPod, iPhone, iPad, Mac or Windows via online videotelephony.

Video chat done the Apple way

FaceTime for Mac, the excellent video calling application originally introduced for the iPhone 4, is Apple’s answer to Skype. It allows you to keep in touch with friends and family on Apple devices via video chats. Open Facetime and you’ll immediately see yourself on screen and you must sign in with your Apple account to get started. Once done, FaceTime will sync with your address book, allowing you to immediately call anyone with an iOS device.

Apple FaceTime for Mac costs $0.99 on the App Store, and it’s a fun way to keep in touch with family and friends from all over. It works just like the program on your phone, and gives you a few handy customization options as well. Although there are some features that are difficult to find at first, once you know where they are, you can return to them quickly in the future.

Stable, high quality video calling from Mac to iOS devices

The best way of keeping in touch for Apple devices

FaceTime is an excellent chat application that’s certainly the best option for communication between your Mac and friends or family using Apple devices.

Calling an iPad or iPhone is easy, once your contacts are added via your Apple ID. Image quality is excellent, and the display is pleasantly free of distractions. If the iPhone is rotated, the image also changes on FaceTime for Mac, from landscape to portrait and back. All round, it’s a very smooth, simple and comfortable video call experience. Although much will depend on your internet connection, the quality of calling on Facetime is generally better than Skype.

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FaceTime is not perfect though. While integration with your contacts on the iPhone makes perfect sense, on the Mac it’s less useful and some users may find contacts get duplicated or confused on their Mac. This is complicated by the fact that you can’t add contacts to FaceTime directly, but have to do it via Address Book so if you don’t use Address Book, you’ll have to start. It would also be nice to have FaceTime open without constantly seeing video of yourself!

Improves performance when FaceTime is taken full screen. Update only available via the Mac App Store.

FaceTime for Mac

If you’ve got any other questions about getting started with FaceTime on your Mac, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments.

FaceTime is one of the best video calling apps in the world. You can host a video call from any corner of the Earth and connect with your loved ones. It allows you to have face to face conversation with anyone, anywhere. What’s even better, the high quality video calling experience makes you feel they are right in front of you.

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FaceTime is an incredible option to choose from ever since it launched in 2011. One of the major reasons for its steady popularity is its safe and reliable interface. So whether you are hosting a group meeting or a personal call, FaceTime app is all you need. There are some users who claim to use FaceTime on Windows Mac. We did some research and found out if this is possible or not. Read ahead to learn how to install FaceTime for Windows.

Before you install FaceTime Windows version on your computers or laptops, it’s necessary to check the system requirements of your Mac. Here are few things you must consider before installing any Android or iOS app on your Mac which includes an emulator.


  • Improves performance when FaceTime is taken full screen. Update only available via the Mac App Store.


  • Looks great
  • Excellent minimal interface
  • Calls are really simple to make

Block and favorite: Through this program, you can quickly create special lists of your contacts. For instance, you can add some to your Favorites List to make its easier to find them quickly, and you can add others to a list of Blocked numbers, so you don’t have to worry about receiving calls from them.

Straightforward interface: This app’s interface is split into two sections, with the camera view displayed on the left and Contacts and other lists accessible on the right. Once you select a Contact, you’ll see a detailed summary of all their information, along with buttons for making Video Calls, Audio Calls, Texting, and more.


  • Contact adding cannot be done in-app
  • Only available on Apple products

Hidden options: When you first open the app, you can set your preferences for certain aspects of the program. But once you’ve done that, it’s hard to find the option to go back and edit them again. That feature, along with quite a few others, are tucked away in the drop-down menus you can access from the top of the screen. But there is so little on the main interface itself that it seems that some of these features could be included in a way that’s a bit more accessible.

facetime for mac download free

FaceTime for Mac

With FaceTime for Mac, users can benefit from live discussions on an iPad, iPod, iPhone or Mac with a built-in camera. It is a free and very handy video conferencing tool for Mac and other Apple products.

Key Features

  • Free calls between Apple device users;
  • Both video and audio calls available;
  • Group calls with up to 32 participants;
  • Special effects, such as Animoji, stickers and filters;
  • FaceTime calls are automatically integrated with other calls in Calls app for your ease

System Requirements to Install FaceTime on Windows

For a smooth running of the app, you must first check out the requirements of the app. We have got you covered over here.

  • You need the latest Windows versions for the app to run smoothly on your device. Having operating systems of Windows 7 and onward is a good place to start. Of course, Windows 10 is the recommended one.
  • To avoid buffering, your CPU speed needs to be higher than 1GHz.
  • It will be preferable to have a RAM size of 4 GB or more on your computer.
  • For video calling, you need either an in-built camera or a webcam.
  • Lastly, the app requires a stable, high speed internet connection. And because of its HD calling it advised to use the app through a WiFi connection

Note: The app only works between contacts using Facetime for Mac.

Is It Free?

The Facetime app is usually built-in to your Mac computer or iOS device. However, if you accidentally deleted it, you can download it for free.

Other Systems

Facetime is also available for iOS devices.

Full Specifications


Improves performance when FaceTime is taken full screen.


  • Operating Systems Macintosh, Mac OS X 10.6
  • Additional Requirements None

How to set up FaceTime on your Mac

While Messages is a great way to shoot off a quick text to your friends, sometimes you want to actually talk to people. This is where FaceTime comes in. FaceTime lets you make video and audio calls to people when your communication needs a more personal touch.

How to set up FaceTime on Mac

Getting started with FaceTime is fairly simple and all you’ll need is your Apple ID.

  1. Open FaceTime on your Mac.
  2. Enter your Apple ID email address and password and hit Sing In. If you have two-step or two-factor authentication turned on for your Apple ID, enter your verification code.

How to place a call in FaceTime

Leave your phone in your pocket or on your desk, and make your next call with FaceTime instead.

  1. Open FaceTime on your Mac.
  2. Click the search bar if you’re placing a new call.
  3. Enter a namenumber, or email address that you want to contact.
  4. Click Audio or Video to choose how to contact that person.
  5. Click FaceTime Audio or the contact’s phone number if you chose Audio.

How to add an email address in FaceTime

If you have a lot of email addresses or aliases, you can set your account up so that you can be reached at all of these addresses in FaceTime. But you don’t set this up in the FaceTime app. Instead, you’ll need to head to System Preferences.

  1. Open System Preferences from your Dock or Applications folder.
  2. Click Apple ID.
  3. Click Name, Phone, Email.
  4. open the + button under the Reachable At section.
  5. Enter the email address you want to use.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Enter the verification code sent to that email address if prompted to do so. Your code will automatically be verified.

You should now be able to be reached at the email address you entered.

How to choose which number or email address to call from in FaceTime

Select which phone number or email address people will see when you call them using FaceTime.

  1. With FaceTime open, click FaceTime in the Menu bar.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Click the drop-down menu next to Start new calls from.
  4. Choose which email address or phone number that you’ll start new calls from.

How to set your FaceTime ringtone

Personalize your FaceTime experience with a new ringtone.

  1. With FaceTime open, click FaceTime in the Menu bar.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Click the drop-down menu next to Ringtone.
  4. Choose your preferred ringtone.

How to set your location in FaceTime

  1. With FaceTime open, click FaceTime in the Menu bar.
  2. Click Preferences.
  3. Click the drop-down menu next to Location.
  4. Choose your preferred location..

Download FaceTime for Windows 10, 8, 7 PC & Laptop!

  1. Unfortunately, the app is available solely on iOS platforms. But there is no reason to lose your heart on that. You can install facetime for Mac as well by simply downloading an emulator. An emulator replicates the user interface of one device onto another. So you can use the emulator to replicate the interface of your mobile onto your Mac.
  2. Our pick for the job will be Nox Player. It is a fast, free, and reliable emulator to use on your Windows computer.
  3. Once you’ve finished downloading the emulator you need to go ahead and install it on your Mac. You only need to follow the steps it asks to install the file. Once that is dealt with, you need to give the app permission to restart our computer.
  4. After the restart, find and launch the app. It should only take a few seconds for the application to start the first time.
  5. From the App Store, you need to find the FaceTime app and Run it. That would begin the download of the app immediately. Once the download is over, click on the app and begin installing it on your device.
  6. While installing you shall be asked for the administrator’s password. You need to enter the password of your choice and continue the installation of the application.
  7. After the app finishes the installation, you need to login via your iCould Id and Password. Use this information whenever you log in to FaceTime.

Note: To login on FaceTime, you need a cloud id. If you don’t have a cloud id. You can create a new one on for free.

How to set up FaceTime on Mac? 

FaceTime was launched by Apple Inc specifically keeping iOS users in mind. The application is already available on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. So you do not need to download the app again.

  • To set up FaceTime on your Mac you need to click on the FaceTime icon. Since the app is installed on your device by default, you only need to find the FaceTime icon from the menu.
  • Launch the application and log in with your Apple id and password.
  • To begin a call you can simply head over to the contacts list. You can search for a person by either their name, phone number or e-mail id.
  • Click on the video call option to begin a video call.
  • You can also head over to the Preferences to choose the way you want to be contacted. You might also choose the e-mail id you do not want to be contacted through over at the Preferences.

Similar Apps | FaceTime Alternative for Mac

So what, if you cannot download FaceTime for Mac. We found some great alternatives for FaceTime for Windows. The below listed apps are compatible with Windows and come with tons of features.


Skype is a familiar name for most of us. The application was one of the first to provide a video calling platform across mobiles, tablets, and computers. Moreover, it further allows you to host voice and video calls through Xbox One console and smartwatches.

Google Duo

Developed by Google, this app is a more direct competitor for Facetime for Mac. Google Duo offers high definition video calling experience across various platforms. And with various features like Knock Knock and compatibility with iOS and Android systems, it is truly great.

Jio Meet

Jio Meet is another video calling app launched by Reliance Group. The app is a brilliant alternative to have when making group calls. Apart from that, the simple interface also aids in making it one of the basic yet noteworthy apps to use.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a unique video calling app to have. It is primarily a messaging app that lets you connect with your friends. However, it also provides an interactive video calling interface and supports both Android and iOS devices.


It is yet another messaging app that serves different purposes. You can use WhatsApp to either text, voice call, or video call. All you need is the phone number of the person you want to initiate the call with. It is easy and a safe platform to use as well.


Though, there is no official method to download FaceTime on Windows. You can try out the unofficial method to download FaceTime but it is not advisable to install the app using third party emulators. We recommend you to use the FaceTime alternatives we have mentioned above.

Apple FaceTime for Mac lets you take advantage of your computer’s larger screen to get a good look at the family and friends you’re talking to. You can make and receive calls through this program just as you would on your phone, but without the need to hold the phone up the whole time you’re talking.


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