Google Hangouts for Mac Catalina Full Free Download New Version 2022

Google Hangouts for Mac Catalina Full Free Download New Version 2022

Google Hangouts for Mac Social networking communications platform Download 2022

Google Hangouts for Mac is a unified communications platform developed by Google to enable users to initiate and engage in its communications channels such as text, voice, and video chats. You can integrate this desktop application into your Google+ and Gmail accounts to connect with the people in your contact list. For mobility, the program is available across different platforms namely Windows, Mac OS X, Android, iOS, and web browsers. Google Hangouts for Mac is compatible with Mac 10.13 and newer.

Google Hangouts for Mac Google’s instant messaging tool, Hangouts, can now be used directly in Chrome thanks to this extension, which adds an icon for the app to the right of the address bar where you can quickly access your list of friends.

You can use this to start a conversation with any of the users that are online. If somebody is not online, you can still leave them a message for them to read later and respond whenever they want to.

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You can use the same Hangouts interface to choose if you want to save the chat history for your conversations with one particular friend or not, if you want to disable the user notifications, or if you want to archive a whole conversation directly. You can also block someone.

Hangouts is a relatively useful and full-featured instant messaging tool for your browser. Though it is somewhat minimalist, it has all of the features that you need to communicate with your friends or co-workers.

Connect with more people with Hangouts

Google is easily one of the most prolific web development companies thanks to its wide variety of offered services. It has a video streaming platform, email client, and even cloud storage service. With Google Hangouts, it even has it’s very own chat and call service tool. Google Hangouts is a great service for connecting and communicating with a lot of people at once. It is highly recommended for professional use.

Compatibility and Interface

Google Hangouts is multi-platform, so it can be accessed in a number of ways.  It has a web-app version that can be used through the Hangouts website. It’s also available as a desktop or mobile app. Finally, it can be installed as a Google Chrome extension. The Google Chrome extension can be seen as an icon on the Chrome browser address bar. Clicking on it will prompt a pop-up window to appear.

No matter which platform you use Hangouts on, the common trait among all of them is the easy interface. Unlike other messaging apps out there, Hangouts is not bloated with unnecessary elements like games or Stories. Instead, it only has the most important aspects you’ll need for a messaging app like contacts, conversations, and calls. One negative thing about Hangouts is that it will always prompt a new window for chats.

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Hangouts has all of the standard features for a messaging app. Not only can you chat with your friends, but you can also send media files like photos, and emojis. Unfortunately, you have to send an invite to other people before you can start a conversation with them. The best thing about Hangouts is that you can chat with a large group of people. Chat groups can host up to 150 people. Hangouts also supports video conference groups, and users can make free video calls with up to 10 people.

If your conversation history is being clogged by concluded conversations, users can archive them for better organization. These archived conversations can still be accessed at a later date. Alternatively, users can opt to leave the conversation entirely, but that would result in the conversation no longer being accessible to the user.

Easy and Simple Chat Service

Google Hangouts is great for professional use thanks to its no-nonsense interface and features. It doesn’t have the bloat that other messaging apps have, but it retains the power required to deliver high-quality performance to its users. If you need a messaging app without any unnecessary stuff or embellishment then Google Hangouts is a good app for you.

Instant messaging and group chats

Use Google Hangouts Meet to connect with your friends at different locations all over the globe. Turn your chatting into a more interactive and emotional experience by sharing photos, emojis, stickers, and animated GIFs right in conversations. Join group chats for up to 150 people and communicate with all your friends instantly.

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Easy-to-join videoconferencing

With Google Hangouts app for Mac, you can meet your friends face to face without extra costs for traveling. Enjoy free and easy-to-join video calls with one person or a group with up to 10 participants. Forget about headaches of joining video conferences – now you can hop on a call by following a shared link.

Deeply integrated with G Suite

Download Google Hangouts for Mac to bring your online communication to a new efficiency level. Completely integrated with G Suite, the app allows you to upload items from Drive right into a chat and collaborate on different types of Google documents. Drive bot sends you notifications when files are shared with you, comments are made, and when somebody requests to access your files.

History on/off

You can see what you have shared in previous conversations or switch a chat history off to only see your latest messages for a short time. All your messages and files are saved online and accessible from different cross-synced devices.

Note: You can call Hangout users for free. The mobile carrier and ISP charges may apply for other calls.

What’s new in Google Hangouts

Version 27.0.0:

  • Fixed the sign-in app crashes and issues related to joining calls using links.


You will find that Google Hangouts has a straightforward interface. The main page is a catalog of your most recent messages and video calls. Above this is an add icon that you can press to create a New Hangout. The term ‘Hangout’ is referred to as the conversation between you and another Google Hangout user/s. Creating a new Hangout prompts the program to display all your contacts. You can search for the user/s through their username, email address, or cellphone number.

Once you have selected the user or users you want to converse with, select a message or video call icon at the bottom of the page. Back at the main page is the gear icon which corresponds to the program’s settings. This enables you to adjust your preferences such as friend requests, push notifications, and blocked users. You can also join a Hangout. Whether it is a public or private, you will see its current participants organized according to who is in your network and who is not.

Broadcasts on Google Hangouts allow users that are not connected to the author to join. On these public Hangouts, you will find profiles of the people not associated or connected with you on the list of participants. The profile will display other personal information and invitation to add or block this user. Private Hangouts, on the other hand, allow friends to invite their friends to the conversation. For example, you create a Hangout with a select group of friends. Now that they’ve been invited to the group, they can add other users as too.

Additional apps

Applications on Google Hangouts are programs that you and your contacts can use during a Hangout. These range from collaboration tools, games, and filters. You can add and select Google Hangouts plugins by clicking the ‘+Add Apps’ tab. This will provide you with the applications the program offers. It is organized as Featured and Recent tabs.

Once you have selected the app from the list, click ‘Add to this Hangout.’ Note that the apps are not stored in your Google Hangouts account. This means once you’ve click the X or close icon the app will be shut off.  If you want to apply the app to a different Hangout, you will find it in the Recent tab.

Good facilitator of social networking events

Google Hangouts is a good online communication channel for casual events. The ability to install plugins and invite a wide range of users into conversations helps you get to know more people through other methods. Whether you want to know people through webinars, online events, or games, Google Hangouts can help facilitate them for you.

How to Download Google Hangout for Mac?

Google Hangout users are increasing day by day with rapid speed so how to download Hangout for Mac is essentially important to reveal. Millions of user is heading for the advantageous app for the personal and professional affair. Google Hangout is chained with number of functions. It solves the purpose of instant messaging, video conference and many more option. Its latest version is widely functional. Almost all the platform by default supports the Google Hangout without interruption. Now the question is, how you actually download Hangout for Mac Operating System.

This extension of Google Plus is good source of chitchat with your friends, family and loved ones for free. You can chat ten people at a time. Other alternatives cannot function as promptly as Google Hangout can. Android and iOS, Windows and any other platform easily support Hangout but there is also Hangout for Mac to download.

Why Hangout is not supporting Mac directly

The reason Google Hangout is not supporting in the Mac because of its rivalry with Apple product. Google does not produce hardware rather than software and program for other handsets brand.

Hangout is all about works in the internet browser as it runs through Gmail and Google Plus. It is the known fact any apps run best in Google Chrome. Hangouts for Mac are not a workable action for the Google and its organization.

Download Google Hangout for Mac

If you want to learn then take a look below easy step to run Google Hangouts for Mac in your internet browser. I am presenting following instructions:

  • 1. Firstly you have to open any browser.
  • 2. Type the URL

3. If you have no account in Google Plus then go for the login option of join Google+ by opting for the red option. You will get the blue button at the right corner option of the display. This above step will make you access to the Google.

This instruction is baseless if you are browsing in Google Chrome. If you want directly, add Hangouts to your browser in your chrome account from its web store then extension work in the background of the PC. If you close the chrome, even you get the messages to your inbox. The only drawback of the app is that you will remain online every time and battery life can be drained.

Use Chrome Extension for Hangout for Mac

This can be quite hectic to follow all the steps give above. So,if you want to skip all the step then you can go for the chrome extension to Google hangout on your browser. The best thing about this extension is its multitasking as it keeps on operating in the background of your system even after closing it.

Google Hangouts for Mac Flamingo App

Flamingo is an app, which is available from the app store of Mac. Actually, chrome extension is very much alike of Hangouts and it can disappear easily if you do not want to have it. It runs the Google Hangout for Mac online only and it is not for your desktop.

From above explanation, Google Hangout is a finest app for today. It is worthy in providing services in instant messaging and no involvement of username and password to login. One touch to your keypad can let you indulge in conversation like texting, video calls and group chat etc free.


  • Simple interface
  • Multi-platform
  • Supports large groups
  • Can send files


  • Video calls lag
  • Difficult to end calls
  • Delayed notifications


Editor’s note: Google Hangouts Meet is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

Google Hangouts for Mac is a direct messaging and videoconferencing app that allows you to keep in touch with your friends at any time and from anywhere. From instant chatting to group conversations and video calls, Hangouts Meet supports different forms of e-communication and features a more convenient user experience.